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How to Download PUC Certificate

For all vehicles plying on the road, whether a bike, a car or a heavy motor vehicle, it is mandatory to have an updated pollution certificate. .

How to Download Driving Licence

Driving License Download online by licence number......

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Any Vehicle PUC Validity/application Status check by registration number....

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Challan Details After getting challan details you can further go for online payment .

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Vehicle Registration Transfer

Even though the process of selling vehicles has become significantly simpler over years - with online websites setting up platforms for buyers and sellers to meet, there are a few formalities that remain to be fulfilled.One of the most significant among these is the change of the name of owner on vehicle registration certificate. When you transfer the ownership of your vehicle to another person, it is obvious that the name on its registration certificate won’t remain yours.

So, what do you do about it? Read on to find out!

Vehicle Registration Transfer – What Does it Mean

At the point when you sell your vehicle or some other vehicle enrolled under your name, the law orders you to move the responsibility for vehicle to the purchaser's name. This cycle, usually known as RC move is pivotal since it ensures that the vehicle, close by the entirety of its legitimate liabilities, are moved to its new proprietor.

There is a set system that should be followed for vehicle enrollment move starting with one individual then onto the next.

Notwithstanding, hang on!

There are various conditions under which this vehicle RC move may occur. These can be represented in the table beneath:

Transfer if the vehicle is purchased by someone else
Here, the name of the new buyer is added to RC as the vehicle’s owner, instead of its previous owner.

Transfer in case of death of the registered owner

● The legal heir has to inform the registering authority about his/her intention about the vehicle within 30 days of owner’s demise. ● The legal heir can utilise this vehicle for a maximum period of 3 months without getting it registered to their name.

Transfer of the vehicle in an auction
During an auction, the name of previous owner is replaced by new owner in registration certificate.

Types of Vehicle Registration Transfer

Further, Vehicle Registration Transfer can be of two types:
  • Transfer of Vehicle Registration within the state.
  • Transfer of Vehicle Registration from one state to another.

Transfer of Vehicle Registration within the State Process

How to Get Engine Number and Chassis Number Online - NVSP Org


Vehicle Identification Number, chassis and engine number are unique identification numbers of your vehicle. VIN is an alphanumeric code of 17 characters. Decoding this number will help you identify the manufacturing year and month of a vehicle's model.

Similarly, a chassis number is the last six-digit number of VIN. Individuals often use VIN and chassis numbers interchangeably. Conversely, as the name suggests, an engine number is also an identification number inscribed on a vehicle's engine.

These unique numbers are vital to avoid fraud, especially when buying a used car or a bike. You can find all these numbers online by following simple steps. Keep reading to learn how to find engine numbers and chassis numbers online and other vital details.

How to Find Engine Number, Chassis Number ?

Follow the step-wise guide mentioned below to check your vehicle details, including VIN, chassis, and engine number -

  • Step 1Visit This Website For Full Chassis Number And Engin Number Of Any Of Your Vehicle. Click Here
  • Step 2Then the dashboard of the website will open in front of you, now you have to click on the vehicle chassis / engine number.
  • Step 3Here enter your vehicle number without giving any space, verify the captcha code and click on the Go button.

Now you can view the following details -

  • Registration number
  • Engine number
  • Chassis number
  • Name of the owner
  • Type of fuel etc.

Once you complete learning how to find engine numbers and chassis numbers online, let's know how to find these details offline.

How to Check Vehicle Engine Number and Chassis Number of Your Car?

An engine number of a car serves two purposes -

It recognises the originality of a car's engine
It is useful during an insurer's assessment when you purchase or claim car insurance.
You can find a car's engine number on an engine block. Further, you can check the owner's manual to locate this number on your car's engine.

However, there are other ways you can check the engine number -

Registration certificate of a car
Car insurance policy document
Car dealers

Decode Vehicle Registration Number

It is essential to learn how to decode VIN, especially if you plan to purchase a used car. This number informs you about its history, including – its owner, prior reports of accidents and repairs. It is also vital information when you purchase or want to claim car insurance. Access to all these details helps you make an informed decision before buying a used car and avoiding inconvenience later.

First Character

Meaning - It denotes in which country the car is manufactured. A digit or an alphabet represents this character. Or else it may be a combination of both. For example, VIN for vehicles manufactured in India starts with MA-ME, MZ.

First Three Characters

Meaning - The combination of the first three characters is WMI. This helps to identify the manufacturer of a vehicle. The third character varies and may denote the manufacturer, type of vehicle or division of the manufacturer which produced the car.

Fourth to Ninth Characters

Meaning - It represents the VDS. This summarises the details of the type of vehicle, model, body engine type, and the platform in which it is manufactured. The eighth character denotes the type of engine. Similarly, the ninth character indicates a security code or manufacturing month of the car.

Tenth to Eleventh Character

Meaning - The tenth character denotes the manufacturing year of a car. An alphabet represents this character, allocated to each manufacturing year since 1981. Besides the manufacturing year, an eleventh character informs about the plant where the car is manufactured.

Twelfth to Seventeenth Character

Meaning - The last six characters denote the serial number of a car.

Buying a new or a used car and bike involves a significant investment. Therefore it is your responsibility to take care of the same. Knowing about VIN, engine and chassis numbers makes it easier to track the originality of a vehicle and avoid falling into the traps of fraud dealers.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Old bike loan details for bike number plate

Today, in this digital age, you can obtain information concerning you in no time. Bajaj Auto Finance has made it even easier by giving you your loan status, Old bike  details for bike number plate, From here you can check whether there is any loan on your BK or not.

RTO Vehicle Information for follow this all step:-

Step 1: Visit this website:  https://rtovehicleinfo.onlineseva.xyz/ 

Step 2 : Click on Know Your Vehicle Details button.

Step 3 Enter Your Vehicle Plate Number and click on I'm not a robot then click on Go button.

From here you can check whether there is any loan on your BK or not. This your vehicle owner full information all details xyz

This website url : https://rtovehicleinfo.onlineseva.xyz/ click on this website for vehicle information.

Know your driving license Active or Inactive status by DL Number

Driving without a valid driving license in India is a legal offence. A valid driving licence is needed for any non-geared two-wheeler vehicle, geared two-wheelers, automatic and geared four-wheelers, all transport vehicles, and all commercial vehicles. Anyone who has attained the age of 18 is eligible to get a licence after clearing the oral/written tests. The procedure to apply for the same is not difficult.Driving Licence number can be entered in any of the following formats: DL-1420110012345 or DL14 20110012345

Total number of input characters should be exactly 16 (including space or '-').

If you hold an old driving license with a different format, 

Know your driving license Active/Inactive status by DL Number

all step follow by post:-

Step 1: Visit this website: https://rtovehicledetails.com/driving-licence-check

Step 2: Know your Driving License Details button on click here.

Step 3: Enter your driving licence number and date of birth or verify your captcha then click on Go button.

Step 4: Then here you will get information show of driving license. 

Step 5: If your driving license will be real then your DL information will be shown, if by chance data does not show then once click on this DL Information check link to check the data and if R data is not available here then your DL close done or your DL number is wrong

Search vehicle owner mobile number and address

From this website, you can find the mobile number and address owner's name etc. information of any vehicle owner, for this follow the steps given below completely.

"vehicle owner mobile number and address"

Follow all these steps for whatever you want to exit

Step 1 : search on browser https://rtovehicledetails.com/

Step 2: Click on Know Vehicle Owner Address or Search Vehicle Owner Mobile Number

Step3: Enter Your Vehicle Plate/Registration number and verify captcha after click on Go button.

Step 4: Here the important information of the vehicle will be shown, if you want to see the mobile number, address, father/husband's name, then pay by clicking on the Pay Now button below, after payment the information will come.

Note: Like if you make payment by clicking on Pay Now button, then you will get the information for which you paid, if payment failed or if payment is not made, you will not be able to see that information.

Step 5: After a few hours of payment completion, check again by entering the vehicle number and verify I am not robot click on Go button.
Step 6 : Now you will get to see the information like mobile number and address of the vehicle owner here.

Note: If you check immediately after making payment, then you will get payment received, wait 1-24 hours, then you have to wait, then check

Bike History Certificate - Why and How

Are you planning to purchase a bike, but stuck in between the decision of whether to buy a brand-new one or a used model? Frankly speaking, both new and used bikes come with their own limitations as well as advantages. While a new bike gives you complete peace of mind as we know that the product is brand-new and unused, and even if anything goes wrong, the company will cover for it, a second-hand bike will be available for a much lesser amount than a new model and it seems to be a good deal if you have all bike information and the used bike is sold in good condition. As far as the cons are concerned, the only disadvantage with a new bike is that it will cost you a lot more than a used one, and it will lose its value rapidly as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. On the other hand, a used bike seems to be beneficial as it has already gone through the major phase of its value depreciation and it serves as more value for money product if bought in a good condition. Make sure that you are aware of the bike registration details and bike owner details, while choosing a used bike.

How to Know the Real Condition of A Used Bike?

To be absolutely sure about the condition of any used bike, you need to go through a proper background check. This is where ‘History’ from Droom, India’s first and only online marketplace for automobiles and related services, comes in. As an online tool of checking used vehicle history, ‘History’ gives thorough information about the background of any bike. You can check and get the bike history certificate or premium certificate provided by History. This certificate will help to get two wheeler registration details by entering the registration number of any pre-owned bike.

How to Get Bike Owner Details?

Each owner of the vehicle is bound to register with RTO or Regional Transport Office, where they keep a record of all the vehicles including cars and two wheelers. For example, if you have a bike, you must register the bike details and owner details, either manually or through online bike registration. The information can be tracked by anyone who wants to check bike registration, before purchasing the used bike. In Droom ‘History’, you need to submit the valid registration number of the bike and within 10 secs you will get the motorcycle registration details along with bike owner details, accident claim history, insurance history, flood damage history, loan history, theft history, and service logs history.

How to Take the Decision of Used Bike Purchase?

With the help of bike history premium certificate from History, you will get all the necessary information about any bike. So, this will assist you to make a more informed decision while buying a second-hand bike as it will provide you with information on bike registration details, bike loan history, bike’s fitness certificate validity, the real age of the used bike, blacklist history (if any), etc. So, do thorough research on a used bike before buying it because you never know what is hidden under the shining outer appearance of the second-hand bike you are going to purchase. 

Do they own a vehicle with registration plate PB 11 BK 0226?

Monday, January 17, 2022

My driving licence is original or not - NVSP ORG

If you also want to verify any of your driving license yourself whether the driving license you have is original or not, then how can you check, for this you have to follow the steps given below carefully.

My driving licence is original or not ?

all step follow by post:-

Step 1: Visit this website: https://rtovehicledetails.com/driving-licence-check

Step 2: Know your Driving License Details button on click here.

Step 3: Enter your driving licence number and date of birth or verify your captcha then click on Go button.

Step 4: Then here you will get information show of driving license. 

Step 5: If your driving license will be real then your DL information will be shown, if by chance data does not show then once click on this DL Information check link to check the data and if R data is not available here then your DL close done or your DL number is wrong

Friday, January 14, 2022

RTO Challan check by vehicle plate number | rto/traffic challan pdf download by vehicle number | Vehicle challan check online by plate number

 Today we are going to learn something new, in today's time digital revolution has come across India, now when many traffic rules are violated, its challan is deducted online, then the vehicle owner has to deposit it from the online website. Yes, today we are going to know only that, if your vehicle's challan has been cut or not, If you have to confirm this, then how can you do it, as well as if your challan has been deducted and you have also submitted the challan, then how can you download its pdf, vehicle challan pdf you will get both types Before challan deposit and after deposit, for this you have to follow all the steps given below carefully.

RTO/Traffic challan check and PDF Download by vehicle number?

Step 1 : Search on google : rtovehicleinfo onlineseva (same to same search ok)
              Click for this link : https://rtovehicledetails.com/e-challan-check-by-vehicle-number

Step 2: click on this NVSP - RTO Vehicle Info || Vehicle, driving licence, fastag... after show this dashboard

Step 3: Click on e Challan Download (this method through check and download vehicle challan)

Step 4: Enter your vehicle plate number and verify captcha(I'am not a robot) after click on Download e Challan Button

Here the details of the challan will be shown for the same vehicle whose challan will be deducted, if the number of times the challan of your vehicle is deducted, it will show you the details of the challan,

Step 5: eChallan Download for click on click here blue button.

Now this vehicle challan pdf has been shown in front of you, now you can download or print it and remove it.

RTO Challan check by vehicle plate number 
Traffic challan pdf download by vehicle number 
Vehicle challan check online by plate number 
RTO challan pdf download by vehicle number