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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Vahan malik ka mobile number kaise nikale

 Agar apako kisi vahan ke malik ka contact number or mobile number online check karna hai to kaise kar sakate hai, vehicle owner ke mobile number ki jarurat kai reason se ho sakati hai, jaise koi second hand vahan pasand aa gaya ho aur aap direct usake malik se contact karna chahate hai, agar aap kisi bus se travel kar rahe hai aur apaka kimati iteam bus me rah gaya hai, usako pane ke liye bus driver se contact karna chahate hai, ya koi other reason hai jisake karan apako us vahan ke malik ka mobile number check karna apake liye very important hai to aap kaise kisi vahan ke malik ka mobile number check kar sakate hai, usaka kya process hai this article me batane ja raha hai.

Note : - agar aap kisi vahan ke malik ka mobile number nikal karke miss used lete hai to aise me apake againts police compalint ho sakata hai, isaliye aap vahan malik se Genualay baat kare. 

Vahan Malik ka Mobile number check Karne ke liye kya kya chahiye ?

Agar aap kisi vahan ka malik ka contact number find karna chahate hai to apake us gadi ka kuchh basic information pata hona chahiye.

  • Step 1:- Jis Vahan ke malik ka contact number search karna chahate hai us Vahan ka Registration Number pata hona chahiye.
  • Step 2:- Vahan ka chassis number or vin number pata hona chahiye.

  • Step 3:- Vahan ka application no bhi chahiye hoga jo online kaise nikala jata hai usaki information niche mil jayegi.
  • Step 4:- Agar apake pass vahan ka registration number and chassis number dono pata hai to aap mobile number check kar sakate hai.

Apako chassis number vahan ke chassis par likha mil jayega aap vaha se note kar sakate hai.

Find Chassis Number by Vehicle Registration Number ?

Agar apake pass chassis number nahi hai aur apako registration number se chassis number search karna chahate hai to kaise search kar sakate hai.

Step 1:- Chassis number aur vin number dono ek hi number hota hai, aur apako chassis number vahan ke chassis area par likha mil jayega.

Step 2:- Agar apake pass chassis number check karne ke liye phsycail vahan nahi hai aur aap online chassis number search karna chahate hai.

Step 3:- Online Vahan Chassis Number or VIN Number Search Karne Ke Liye aap Vahan History .com website par visit kar sakate hai. 

Step 4:- Vahan History Website Se Vehicle Chassis Number find ke liye CLICK HERE Button par click kare.

Step 5:- "Enter Plate Number" Me vahan ka registration number enter kare fir "Search" button par click kare.

Step 6:- "You are not logged in, please sign in first." Aisa error aane par "SIGN IN" button par click kare apane pass jo gmail id hai usase login kare.

Step 7:- Fir se Click Here Button par click kare enter plate number filed box me vahan ka registration number enter kare fir search button par click kare.

Step 8:- "Congratulations! It will take us 2 to 24 hours to collect vehicle data, you can check from Account option." ka message display hoga jaise aap vahan ka registration number enter karke search button par click karte hai

Step 9:- this message ka matlab hai ki apake vahan ka registration number ka report ready karne me kuchh hour ka time lagega isake liye apako wait karna hoga, apako yaha vahan ki details instant dekhne ko nahi milata hai, kyoki yah site manual work karta hai.

Step 10:- Jab aapko registraion number submit kiye kuchh hour complete ho jaye tab apako menu bar me Account option par click kare.

Step 11:- Agar apako Report Status me "processing" aa raha hai to apake vahan ka report ready nahi huaa hai isame aur time lagega apako kuchh hour wait karke fir se check karna hai. 

Step 12:- Agar apako Report Status me "not_found" ka error aaye to isaka matlab hai ki apake vahan ka data collect karne me yah team unable hai aise me apako kisi other website par try karna hai, Agar apako other website par bare me nahi pata hai to aap this website ke search option me search kare chassis number find apako other article mil jayega. 

Step 13:- Not Found Error aane par aap mobile se try kar sakate hai. usase palahe Clear History button par click kar dena hai, fir mobile phone se try karna hai,  apako isake liye kuchh rupee bhi pay karna pad sakata hai, agar apako details dekhna ho, yaha apako contact number nahi milega.

Step 14:- Jab apako Account option par click karne par Report Status "complete" dekhne ko milata hai to isaka matlab hai ki apake vahan ka report ready ho chuka hai, aap vahan details check kar sakate hai.

Step 15:- Jab aap Check Report button par click karte hai to apako aisa dekhne ko mil jata hai, apako Next button par click karke vahan details check kar sakate hai, yaha apako full chassis number bhi dekhne ko mil jayega jo yaha VIN number ke name se display gaya hai.

Step 16:- Kuchh aise aap chassis no or vin no pata kar sakate hai,  desktop mode se frre me vahan details check kar sakate hai, isame apako kuchh hour wait karna hota hai. yaha apako normal vehicle details dekhne ko milega.

apane this method se vahan ka chassis number find kar liya hoga abhi apake pass vahan ka registration number and chassis number dono available hai.

Vahan Malik ka Mobile Number Kaise Nikale ?

Vahan malik mobile number kaise pata kiya jata hai isake liye aap niche diye step ko follow kare - 

Step 1:- Parivahan website se mobile number check karne ke liye CLICK HERE Button par click kare.

Step 2:-  Vehicle Registraion No par click kare.

Step 3:-  "Enter Registration Number" me plate number enter kare.

Step 4:-  "Proceed" Button par click kare.

Step 5:- Download Document > Print Fitness Certificate button par click kare.

Step 6:-  Yaha apako Vahan ka Registration Number and Vahan Application Number Enter karna hoga.

Step 7:- Agar apake pass Vahan ka application number hai to aap isako onlline nikal sakate hai.

Step 8:- Vahan Application Number Search Ke Liye Status > Reprint Receipt/Form>Reprint Receipt Button par click kare.

Step 9:- Jaise image me number ke through bataya hai same to same follow karke link open karna hai. 

Step 10:-  Fir apako Reprint Receipt ka section dekhne ko mil jata hai.

Step 11:-  Registration No. Wise par click kare.

Step 12:-  Select Transaction me only Application ko hi select kare.

Step 14:- Select Application* this select box me apko  RTO END ko select karna hai.

Step 15:- Registration Number me vahan ka plate number enter kare.

Step 16:- Chassis Number(Last 5 characters) isaka matlab yah huaa hai full chassis number enter nahi karna hai only last me se 5 digit hi enter karna hai.

Step 17:- Captcha fill kare image se dekh karke Enter Verificaiton code me fir Show Details button par click kare.

Step 18:- Yaha jo "Trans ID" me jo number show kar raha hai vahi vahan ka application number hai. kuchh aise aap vehicle ka application number find kar sakate hai.

Step 19:- Ab mobile number check karne ke liye Download Document par click karte huaa Print Fitness Certificate option par click kare.

Step 20:- Registration Number enter kare.

Step 21:- Application no enter kare jo apane abhi nikala tha vahan ka application no.

Step 22:- Registraion no and application no fill karke Verify Details button par click kare.

Step 23:- Mobile Number section me apako full contact number dekhne ko mil jayega.

Step 24:- kuchh aise aap registraion no, chassis no and application number ke through vahana ke malik ka mobile number find kar sakate hai.

Agar apane this article ko starting se end tak read kiya hoga to apako mobile number mil chuka hoga.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

VIN Number Decoder | Find my VIN number online

VIN Number Decoder, Find my VIN number online - The chassis number, also known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), is a unique code given to each vehicle. It is a combination of letters and numbers that provides specific details about the vehicle's manufacturer, model, production year, and other defining features.

VIN Number Decoder ?

Finding your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) online is relatively straightforward. Here's a general guide:

  1. Locate your VIN: The VIN is typically located on the dashboard, near the windshield on the driver's side. It's also commonly found on the driver-side door frame, engine block, and various other places depending on the vehicle.

  2. Online VIN decoder: There are numerous websites that offer VIN decoding services for free. You can simply enter your VIN into the search bar, and the website will provide you with detailed information about your vehicle, including its make, model, year, engine type, transmission, and more.

  3. Manufacturer's website: Some vehicle manufacturers have VIN lookup tools on their official websites. You can enter your VIN to access information specific to your vehicle, such as warranty details, recalls, and service history.

  4. Vehicle history report: Websites like Carfax and AutoCheck offer comprehensive vehicle history reports that include VIN decoding as part of their service. These reports provide detailed information about a vehicle's past, including any accidents, title history, odometer readings, and more.

Remember to be cautious when entering your VIN online and ensure that you are using reputable websites to avoid any potential privacy or security issues.

Find my VIN number online

To decode chassis number and VIN number online, you can visit VehicleHistory.com website -

  • Step 2:- "Enter Your VIN Number" Enter the chassis number of your vehicle in this field box.

  • Step 3:- Chassis number or VIN number both are same number, you can get it from your vehicle.

  • Step 4:- After entering the VIN number, click on the Search button.

  • Step 5:- When you click on the search button, you get to see the details of the VIN number.

  • Step 6:- Here you will find the manufacturer date and the making year in which it was made.

In this way you can check its details from chassis and VIN number.

Vahan Chassis Number Decoder

Vahan Chassis Number Decoder is a tool used in India to decode the chassis number of a vehicle. This is particularly useful for checking the authenticity of a vehicle and obtaining information about its make, model, and manufacturing details. Here's how you can decode a chassis number using the Vahan Chassis Number Decoder:

  • 1. Access the Vahan website: Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, where the Vahan Chassis Number Decoder tool is available.

  • 2. Enter the chassis number: Input the chassis number of the vehicle into the provided field on the website.

  • 3. Decode the chassis number: Once you enter the chassis number and submit it, the tool will decode the number and provide you with information about the vehicle, such as its make, model, manufacturing date, and other relevant details.

  • 4. Review the information: Carefully review the information provided by the decoder to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

Keep in mind that the Vahan Chassis Number Decoder is specifically designed for vehicles registered in India and may not work for vehicles registered in other countries. Additionally, ensure that you are using the official Vahan website to access the decoder tool to avoid any potential scams or misinformation.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Car Challan Check by Vehicle Number

 Online Car Challan Check Karne Ke Liye Aap vahanhistory.com website par visit kar sakate hai, Vahan History Website Se Aap Vehicle Challan Check Kar Sakate Without Chassis number only Vehicle Registration Number Traffic Challan Check Kar Sakate Hai, Vahan History .Com Website Se Kaise Traffic Challan Check Kiya Jata Hai Licence Plate Number se this article me cover karne wale hai.

Vehicle Ka Challan क्यों काटते हैं?

Traffic challan typically hota hai jab koi vyakti road traffic rules ko todta hai. Yeh ek prakar ka dand hai jo traffic niyamon ka ullanghan karne par lagaya jata hai. Traffic challan aksar police ya anya prashashanik agencies dwara diya jata hai. Kuch aam traffic challan ki sthitiyan aur karan shamil hote hain:

1. Over-speeding (Gati se adhik chalane): Road par gati se adhik chalane par traffic challan lagaya ja sakta hai. Pratyek jagah ki alag-alag nirdeshanusar gati ki sima hoti hai, aur agar koi vyakti us sima se adhik gati se chalata hai, to use challan diya ja sakta hai.

2. Signal ka ullanghan: Traffic signal ka ullanghan karna bhi ek common traffic challan ka karan hai. Agar koi vyakti signal ke samay rukawat ko ignore karta hai aur signal ka ullanghan karta hai, to use challan ho sakta hai.

3. Seat Belt aur Helmet ka upayog nahi karna: Motor gadi chalate samay seat belt ka upayog na karna ya fir bike chalate samay helmet na pehnana bhi traffic challan ka karan ho sakta hai.

4. Improper Parking (Anuchit parking): Gaadi ko anuchit tarike se park karna bhi traffic challan ka karan ho sakta hai. Jaise ki no parking zone mein ya fir footpath par gaadi park karna.

5. Document ki abhav: Gaadi chalane ke liye anivary documents jaise ki driving license, vehicle registration certificate (RC), pollution certificate, etc. agar nahi hote toh bhi traffic challan ho sakta hai.

Yeh kuch common traffic challan ke karan hai, lekin har rajya ya desh ki traffic niyamon mein thoda antar ho sakta hai. Samanya roop se, traffic challan ko aapko ek nirdharit fine dena hota hai ya phir aapko traffic court mein appear hona pad sakta hai.

Car Challan Check by Vehicle Number ?

Online Car Challan Check By Vehicle Registration Number ka complete process niche bataya hai -

Step 1:- Online Vehicle Challan Check Karne Ke Liye https://vahanhistory.com/ This website par visit kare.

Step 2:- Our Tools > Vahan Challan Search Button par click kare.

Step 3:- "Enter Licence Plate Number" this field me vehicle registration number enter kare fir Search Button par click kare.

Step 4:- "Search" Button par click kare, Vehicle Number Enter Karne Ke After search button press kare.

Step 5:- Agar apake vahan par koi challan cut huaa hoga to apako challan details dekhne ko mil jayega, Agar enter vehicle registration number se koi challan nahi milata hai to apako challan not found ka error aa jayega

Step 6:- Yaha apako challan number challan date, challan reason, challan amount, challan location etc. dekhne ko mil jata hai, jisase apako aasani hogi challan pay karne me.

Step 7:- Challan ki more information get karne ke liye Next button par click kare kafi bar ek se jyada challan hota hai ek hi vehicle par to aise me aap next button par click karke check kar sakate hai.

Kuchh aise aap without chassis number or vin number ke traffic challan check kar sakate hai only vehicle registration number se yah process easy and normal hai.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Vehicle Blacklist Check Kaise Kare ?

Online Vehicle Blacklist check kaise kiya jata hai isaka complete process niche diya gaya hai, aap online vahan ka blacklisted status check karne ke liye vehicle ka registration number ke through check kar sakate hai. Vahan Blacklist kyo kiya jata hai, vehicle blacklist reason kaise pata kiya jata hai.

Vehicle Blacklist kyo hoti hai?

Vehicles blacklist hone ka kai reasons ho sakte hain. Yeh kuch common reasons hote hain:

  • Unpaid Traffic Tickets:  Agar vehicle owner ne traffic violations ke liye fines ya tickets nahi bhare hain, toh unka vehicle blacklist ho sakta hai. Iss mein speeding tickets, parking violations, ya dusri traffic rules ki ulanghan shamil hote hain.

  • Unpaid Taxes: Agar vehicle owner ne vehicle ke liye due taxes ya fees nahi bhare hain, toh unka vehicle blacklist ho sakta hai. Yeh taxes vehicle registration, road taxes, ya dusre related fees ho sakte hain.

  • Insurance Lapse: Agar vehicle owner ne apne vehicle ke liye required insurance premiums ya fees nahi bhare hain, toh unka vehicle blacklist ho sakta hai. Insurance ki lapse hone se vehicle ko chalane par legal implications ho sakte hain.

  • Stolen Vehicles: Chori hue vehicles police aur transportation authorities ke dwara blacklist kiye jaate hain takay unka trace kiya ja sake. Yeh suraksha aur security purposes ke liye hota hai.

  • Safety and Emissions Compliance: Kuch jurisdictions mein vehicles ko safety standards aur emissions regulations ke anusaar maintain karna zaroori hota hai. Agar kisi vehicle ka safety ya emissions standards ko comply nahi kiya gaya hai, toh woh bhi blacklist ho sakta hai.

Yeh sabhi reasons vehicle blacklist hone ke kuch examples hain, lekin har jurisdiction apne apne rules aur regulations ke according vehicles ko blacklist karta hai.

Vehicle Ko Blacklist Se Kaise Delete Kare ?

Vehicle ko blacklist se hatane ke liye aapko kuch steps follow karne honge, lekin yeh steps jurisdiction aur situation ke according alag ho sakte hain. Yeh kuch common steps hain:

  1. Fines ya Fees Clear Kare:  Agar vehicle blacklist hone ka reason unpaid fines, taxes, ya fees hain, toh sabse pehle aapko unhe clear karna hoga. Iske liye concerned authorities ya department se contact karein aur due amount ko pay karein.

  2. Required Documentation Provide Karein: Kuch cases mein, aapko specific documents provide karne hote hain, jaise ki proof of insurance, emissions compliance certificate, ya vehicle registration renewal. In documents ko jama karein ya submit karein, jo bhi authorities ke dwara maange gaye hain.

  3. Legal Assistance Lein: Agar aapko lagta hai ki vehicle blacklist galat tareeke se hua hai ya aapki vehicle ko unjustly blacklist kiya gaya hai, toh aap legal assistance le sakte hain. Aapko ek lawyer se salah lekar, relevant legal procedures follow karke apni case ko resolve karne ki koshish karein.

  4. Stolen Vehicle Reporting: Agar vehicle chori ho gaya tha aur ab woh mil gaya hai, toh aapko is baare mein concerned authorities ko inform karna hoga. Yeh unhe vehicle ko blacklist se hatane mein madad karega.

  5. Appeal Process Follow Karein: Kuch jurisdictions mein, vehicle owners ko appeal process follow karne ka mauka milta hai agar unka vehicle blacklist ho gaya hai. Is process mein, aapko detailed information provide karna hoga jaise ki fines ka payment proof, ya kisi bhi relevant documentation.

Iske alawa, har jurisdiction mein alag alag rules aur procedures ho sakte hain, isliye sabse achha hoga ki aap apne local transportation department ya authorities se sahayata lein aur unke dwara di gayi instructions ko follow karein.

Vehicle Blacklist Check Kaise Kare ?

Online Vehicle Blacklist Status Check Karne Ke Liye Aap Niche Diye Step Ko Follow Kar Sakate Hai - 

Step 1:- Online Blacklist Status Check Karne Ke Liye CLICK HERE Button par click kare.

Step 2:- "Create account" button par click kare ek new login id register karne ke liye.

Step 3:- "Mobile No" this field me Mobile Number Enter Kare.

Step 4:- "Email id" this field me Email Address Enter Kare.

Step 5:- "Verification Code" this field me captcha code enter kare jo apako ek image ke thorugh dekhne ko mil raha hoga.

Step 6:- "Generate OTP" Button par click kare mobile number and email id enter karne ke baad generate otp button par click kare.

Step 7:- OTP Verify Kare jisase apaka mobile number register ho jayega aur aap login kar payenge.

Step 8:- "Mobile Number" this field me register mobile number enter kare jo aapne Create Account ke through register kiya tha.

Step 9:- "Verification Code" me apana captcha code enter kare. fir Next Button par click kare.

Step 10:- "Password" this field me password enter kare jo apane Create Account time apane password set kiya tha.

Step 11:- "Continue" button par click kare password enter karne ke after.

Step 12:- "OTP" this field me OTP Enter Kare fir Verify Button par click kare.

Step 13:- "Enter Vehicle Number" this field me apna vahan registration number enter kare.

Step 14:- "Captcha Verification Code" yaha image me jo captcha hai usako captcha verification code me enter kare.

Step 15:- "Vahan Search" Button par click kare.vehicle number and captcha code enter karne ke after.

Step 16:- "Status" me aapko agar Fitness Expired ka error dekhne ko mil raha hai to isaka matlab huaa ki apaka vahan expired ho chuka hai.

Step 17:- "Not To Be Transacted Status" ke just niche ek message likha milega jo blacklist ka reason hota hai jisake karn apaka vahan blacklisted huaa tha.

Step 18:- Vehicle Blacklisted Reason : Vehicle is flagged as Not To Be Transacted (NTBT) by RANCHI, Jharkhand dau to reason Enforcement, VEHICLE CHECKING 30-04-2022, PUNDAG, SECTION 194,181,177,179,196,190(2),192,(A) 184,180 JMVT 28(1)(A) date 30-APR-2022

Kuchh aise aap vahan ke registration number se blacklisted vehicle ka reason check kar sakate hai. related rto office se aap apane vehicle ko blacklisted se remove kar sakate hai.