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Monday, January 17, 2022

My driving licence is original or not - NVSP ORG

If you also want to verify any of your driving license yourself whether the driving license you have is original or not, then how can you check, for this you have to follow the steps given below carefully.

My driving licence is original or not ?

all step follow by post:-

Step 1: Visit this website: https://rtovehicleinfo.onlineseva.xyz/

Step 2: Know your Driving License Details button on click here.

Step 3: Enter your driving licence number and date of birth or verify your captcha then click on Go button.

Step 4: Then here you will get information show of driving license. 

Step 5: If your driving license will be real then your DL information will be shown, if by chance data does not show then once click on this DL Information check link to check the data and if R data is not available here then your DL close done or your DL number is wrong

Friday, January 14, 2022

RTO Challan check by vehicle plate number | rto/traffic challan pdf download by vehicle number | Vehicle challan check online by plate number

 Today we are going to learn something new, in today's time digital revolution has come across India, now when many traffic rules are violated, its challan is deducted online, then the vehicle owner has to deposit it from the online website. Yes, today we are going to know only that, if your vehicle's challan has been cut or not, If you have to confirm this, then how can you do it, as well as if your challan has been deducted and you have also submitted the challan, then how can you download its pdf, vehicle challan pdf you will get both types Before challan deposit and after deposit, for this you have to follow all the steps given below carefully.

RTO/Traffic challan check and PDF Download by vehicle number?

Step 1 : Search on google : rtovehicleinfo onlineseva (same to same search ok)
              Click for this link : https://rtovehicleinfo.onlineseva.xyz/

Step 2: click on this NVSP - RTO Vehicle Info || Vehicle, driving licence, fastag... after show this dashboard

Step 3: Click on e Challan Download (this method through check and download vehicle challan)

Step 4: Enter your vehicle plate number and verify captcha(I'am not a robot) after click on Download e Challan Button

Here the details of the challan will be shown for the same vehicle whose challan will be deducted, if the number of times the challan of your vehicle is deducted, it will show you the details of the challan,

Step 5: eChallan Download for click on click here blue button.

Now this vehicle challan pdf has been shown in front of you, now you can download or print it and remove it.

RTO Challan check by vehicle plate number 
Traffic challan pdf download by vehicle number 
Vehicle challan check online by plate number 
RTO challan pdf download by vehicle number