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How to Track DL Delivery Status without Parcel Number

 How to Track DL Delivery Status without Parcel Number : Have you also applied for a new driving license, if so how can you check the delivery status of your driving license, if your driving license is fully generated, and your parcel has also been placed, and you If you have got the tracking number of the parcel then how can you track the parcel online, if you have not received the DL Tracking number on the registered mobile then how can you get the consignment number online.

How to Search DL Parcel Tracking Number Online

Do you also want to check the tracking number of DL to check the status of your driving license, then see below for how you can do it.

To search Courier Tracking Number click on this link.

As you click on the link, you get to see this in front of you, now you have to enter the application number of your driving license and click on Get Application Details button.

As you enter the DL Application Number and click on the submit button, then the details of that application come in front of you, as well as you get to see the tracking number, you can also check your driving license parcel number in this way. Is

How to Track DL Delivery Status without Parcel Number

Let us know how you can track Driving License Courier with DL Tracking Number.

To track any kind of parcel online click on this link

As soon as you click on the given link, then it is the first thing you get to see in front of you, here you have to first select the name of the courier company, it has By Default India Post Selected, then you have to select your name in the next option. Enter the tracking number as it is, then click on the TRACK NOW button.

As you click on the Track Now button, you get to see the delivery status of the parcel in front of you, here if you will get to see the message of Item Delivery Confirmed, then that customer has got the parcel, if he does not come then he is now is on the way, will come to you soon.

Whenever you track a parcel, you also get the Not Found error, this error is not visible to everyone, this error comes due to some reason, like the server is not able to receive the data of your parcel. You may have wrongly selected the parcel delivery company name for the convenience of tracking whether your parcel is updated yet or entered the tracking number of your wrong parcel

Consignment details not found driving licence

Are you also tracking your parcel and you are also seeing the note found error, then follow the steps given below to get the parcel.

To track your parcel, you can visit by clicking on this link

Then you get to see like this, from here you can track the courier of every parcel delivery company, enter your tracking number to track any of your parcels from one place, and click on the button with Track Now.

As you click on the submit button, you get to see the details of that parcel in front of you, here you get to see a lot of information like where the parcel has reached at the present time, what is the name of that place, Whether the customer has received the parcel, the person who has received the parcel, his full name, from where did the courier get to see everything

If you are not able to track the parcel from here also then there could be two solid reasons for this, the tracking number of your parcel has just been issued, so it is not yet fully ready to track the parcel in this case. You can try after few hours, secondly the tracking number you entered may be wrong or it is too old, whose data the parcel delivery company has deleted the records from their database.


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