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How to Find Vehicle Challan Number

 Are you also find for your vehicle e challan number, then how can you find e-challan number from online vehicle registration number.

You must know that today's era is digital age and everything is going online, today the traffic challans being deducted in the transport department are being deducted online only, if you park the car somewhere in No Parking. , then or if you violate any traffic rule, then his challan is deducted online, because CCTV cameras are installed in many places,

In which your every move is visible, in such a situation, the officer sitting on the computer cuts the challan of your vehicle. In such a situation, you will have to go to the transport website to check the status of the challan, but there you do not have the challan number of the vehicle to check the status, then you are neither able to check the status of the challan online nor online. Able to check or deposit invoices.

Have you selected the option of Challan Number to check the challan status of your vehicle from the e challan Parivahan Website, then how can you search its challan number online, let's know and find out what is the challan number of your vehicle's Traffic Challan Is -

How to Find Vehicle Challan Number

If any challan of your car, bike, truck, bus etc. has been done, then how can you search your vehicle's challan number online, just to know from the registration number, pay attention to the steps given below.

To Find e challan number of any of your vehicle by online vehicle plate number, click on this link

Then the website for searching the challan number opens in front of you, where you have to enter the registration number of your vehicle.

As you enter your vehicle's registration number here and click on the Check Now button, then you get to see the challan details in front of you.

As you submit after entering all the details, then you get to see the vehicle challan status in front of you, where you also get to see the challan number, apart from this why you have been challan, when the challan was deducted, where was the challan done. You get to see the information about what is the last date for submission of challan, how much has been challan etc.

How to check e challan using challan number

Do you want to check the challan status of your vehicle by challan number, then follow the steps given below -

Click on this link to check traffic challan status by online challan number.

You get to see this in front of you, here you get three options, to check the challan status, the first option that you have to keep selected is the challan number.

In Challan Number, enter the vehicle challan number that you had searched for the challan number from the above step.

After entering the challan number, enter the Captcha Code in the Captcha Box, then click on the GET DETAILS button.

As you check the status, then you get to see the details of the challan number, here you will get to see the name of the owner of the vehicle, registration number, how much money has been deducted, when was it deducted, the challan has been deposited. 

Whether or not the challan status is seen, as well as the challan is pending, then by clicking on the PAY NOW button, you can submit the challan, from here you can also download the challan.


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