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Vehicle registration number search by chassis number

 Vehicle registration number search by chassis number If your vehicle is lost, or you have to verify that your vehicle's chassis is your vehicle's chassis number or any other vehicle's chassis number Any reason to check vehicle details Maybe,

Today we are going to learn how we are registering a chassis number with which vehicle the chassis is registered with, how to get the details of that vehicle from the chassis number, that we are going to tell you through this post.

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Vehicle details by chassis number

If you want to check vehicle details by chassis number, then this service is available on very handy website, in this article, you will find about all the websites on which this service has been provided, how you can search vehicle registration number in this article. You can, today we are going to know in this article, if you also want to know, then read the article completely.

How to find vehicle registration number from chassis number in India

How can you get the details of Indian vehicle, that also came from chassis number, know how we have to check the registration number of the vehicle from chassis number

AP Vehicle Registration Number search

To search Vehicle Registration Number from Chassis No, follow the steps given below

Step 1:- Click Here button to find Vehicle Registration No.
Step 2:- Then the website will open in front of you, on the option of Vehicle Details in Select Action.
Step 3:- Then you will get to see many options in front of you, you have to click on CHASSIS NO in Select Search By,
Step 4:- Then you have the option to enter the chassis number separately. Enter Chassis No. : You will get to see that the complete chassis number of the vehicle has to be entered.
Step 5:- Then you will be getting 6 letters in the image below, enter it in the Enter Captcha box and then click on the GET DATA button.

Step 6:- Then you will get to see the vehicle details in which you will get Vehicle Registration Number, Owner Name, Engine Number, Chassis Number, Full Type, RTA Name, Date of Registration, Registration Authority, Tax Paid Date etc.

So in this way you can find out the registration number from the chassis number.

AP Vehicle owner details by number plate

If you want to check vehicle details from Vehicle Registration Number then you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1:- You have to click on the given link to Vehicle Details Check Online

Step 2:- The website will open in front of you,

Step 3:- Then you have to click on "Find Vehicle Owner Details..." in the Recent Posts option on the right side.

Step 4:- A post will open in front of you in which you will get complete information about how to check vehicle details.

Step 5:- When you will read the post then you will see the Headline named Know Vehicle Details By Number Plate,
Where you have to click on New Vehicle Website Link

Step 6:- Then you will get the option to Enter vehicle number to Search Chassis and engine number.

Step 7 :- You have to enter the plate number of your car or bike in the Input Box and click on the Find button.

Step 8:- When you check by re - entering the vehicle number for the first time, a small information comes,
you have to check instant for the second time, then you will get the message of Congrats displayed in the alert,

Step 9:- If Congrats message is show to you then your vehicle's chassis number and engine number will come,

If not done then re-enter Vahaan number and search

Step 10:- Then you will get to see more details along with chassis number and engine number.

Note:- If the server is down or your vehicle data is not on the transport database, then the details will be not show to you.

How to Search Chassis Number Using Vehicle Registration Number

If you do not have your chassis number and want to search for it using your vehicle's registration number, follow these steps:

  1. Understand Chassis and VIN Number: The chassis number and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) are the same. You can find the chassis number on the chassis area of your vehicle.
  2. Online Search Option: If you cannot physically check your vehicle, you can search for the chassis number online.
  3. Visit Vahan History Website: Go to the Vahan History website to search for your chassis number.
  4. Click on Search Button: Click on the "CLICK HERE" button to find the vehicle chassis number.
  5. Enter Registration Number: In the "Enter Plate Number" field, enter your vehicle's registration number and click on the "Search" button.
  6. Sign In: If you see the message "You are not logged in, please sign in first," click on the "SIGN IN" button and log in with your Gmail ID.
  7. Retry Search: Click the "CLICK HERE" button again, enter your registration number, and click the "Search" button.
  8. Wait for Data Collection: You will see a message indicating that it will take 2 to 24 hours to collect vehicle data. You need to wait as the site performs manual work.
  9. Check Report Status: After a few hours, click on the "Account" option in the menu bar to check the status.
  10. Handling Processing Status: If the report status is "processing," your vehicle's report is not yet ready. Wait for some more time and check again.
  11. Not Found Error: If the status shows "not_found," the team could not collect your vehicle's data. Try another website or use the search option on the current website to find more articles on finding the chassis number.
  12. Mobile Search Option: If you encounter errors, clear your browser history and try searching from your mobile phone. Note that there may be a fee for viewing the details.
  13. Report Ready: Once the status shows "complete," your vehicle's report is ready. Click on the "Check Report" button to view the details.
  14. View Full Chassis Number: Click the "Next" button to see the full vehicle details, including the chassis number displayed as the VIN number.
  15. Free Desktop Mode Search: You can search for vehicle details for free using desktop mode, but it may take a few hours for the data to be ready.

By following this method, you can find your vehicle's chassis number using the registration number. Now, you have both the registration number and the chassis number available for your vehicle.


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