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How to Get Engine Number and Chassis Number Online - NVSP Org


Vehicle Identification Number, chassis and engine number are unique identification numbers of your vehicle. VIN is an alphanumeric code of 17 characters. Decoding this number will help you identify the manufacturing year and month of a vehicle's model.

Similarly, a chassis number is the last six-digit number of VIN. Individuals often use VIN and chassis numbers interchangeably. Conversely, as the name suggests, an engine number is also an identification number inscribed on a vehicle's engine.

These unique numbers are vital to avoid fraud, especially when buying a used car or a bike. You can find all these numbers online by following simple steps. Keep reading to learn how to find engine numbers and chassis numbers online and other vital details.

How to Find Engine Number, Chassis Number ?

Follow the step-wise guide mentioned below to check your vehicle details, including VIN, chassis, and engine number -

  • Step 1Visit This Website For Full Chassis Number And Engin Number Of Any Of Your Vehicle. Click Here
  • Step 2Then the dashboard of the website will open in front of you, now you have to click on the vehicle chassis / engine number.
  • Step 3Here enter your vehicle number without giving any space, verify the captcha code and click on the Go button.

Now you can view the following details -

  • Registration number
  • Engine number
  • Chassis number
  • Name of the owner
  • Type of fuel etc.

Once you complete learning how to find engine numbers and chassis numbers online, let's know how to find these details offline.

How to Check Vehicle Engine Number and Chassis Number of Your Car?

An engine number of a car serves two purposes -

It recognises the originality of a car's engine
It is useful during an insurer's assessment when you purchase or claim car insurance.
You can find a car's engine number on an engine block. Further, you can check the owner's manual to locate this number on your car's engine.

However, there are other ways you can check the engine number -

Registration certificate of a car
Car insurance policy document
Car dealers

Decode Vehicle Registration Number

It is essential to learn how to decode VIN, especially if you plan to purchase a used car. This number informs you about its history, including – its owner, prior reports of accidents and repairs. It is also vital information when you purchase or want to claim car insurance. Access to all these details helps you make an informed decision before buying a used car and avoiding inconvenience later.

First Character

Meaning - It denotes in which country the car is manufactured. A digit or an alphabet represents this character. Or else it may be a combination of both. For example, VIN for vehicles manufactured in India starts with MA-ME, MZ.

First Three Characters

Meaning - The combination of the first three characters is WMI. This helps to identify the manufacturer of a vehicle. The third character varies and may denote the manufacturer, type of vehicle or division of the manufacturer which produced the car.

Fourth to Ninth Characters

Meaning - It represents the VDS. This summarises the details of the type of vehicle, model, body engine type, and the platform in which it is manufactured. The eighth character denotes the type of engine. Similarly, the ninth character indicates a security code or manufacturing month of the car.

Tenth to Eleventh Character

Meaning - The tenth character denotes the manufacturing year of a car. An alphabet represents this character, allocated to each manufacturing year since 1981. Besides the manufacturing year, an eleventh character informs about the plant where the car is manufactured.

Twelfth to Seventeenth Character

Meaning - The last six characters denote the serial number of a car.

Buying a new or a used car and bike involves a significant investment. Therefore it is your responsibility to take care of the same. Knowing about VIN, engine and chassis numbers makes it easier to track the originality of a vehicle and avoid falling into the traps of fraud dealers.


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