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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Vehicle Permit Download All State

 How can you download the permit of your wheeler (car), how can you get its receipt, today we are going to teach

How to check motor vehicle permit status online

How can you check the status if you have applied for your permit online? 

To check vehicle permit status, open this Click Here link in your browser

Here you will get to see "Check Transaction / Vehicle No / Bank Ref No Status" click on it

Select the vehicle number, enter the plate number of the vehicle, then enter the chassis number, last 5 digits, then click on the "Check Status" button, will tell you the status, which will be your latest status, which will come above, you will get the issue date in the remark and valid date will be seen

How to Download Vehicle Permit Online

Follow the steps given below to download your wheeler permit

To check vehicle permit status, open this Click Here link in your browser.

Click on Print Receipt to download Vehicle Permit

Enter the plate number of your vehicle in the Registration No and enter the chassis number of the vehicle, last 5 digit just click on "Show Receipt" button.

If the record of your vehicle is on this website, then the data will be shown to you, here you get to see the details of the permit along with the information of the vehicle.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Vehicle permit number check/search online

 If you have also forgotten the permit number of your vehicle, then how can you find out the permit, how can it be removed, its complete process is given below.

When we drive a commerce vehicle, we have to take a permit, without it we cannot drive for business purposes until we make a permit.

What is Stage Carriage Permit

Section 66 in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 [Complete Act] vehicle is being used: Provided that a stage carriage permit shall, subject to any conditions that may be specified. vehicle as a contract carriage: Provided further that a stage carriage permit may, subject to any conditions that. Central Government Act. “Conditions of carriage” mean the terms and conditions established by an air carrier in respect of its carriage, and are filed as applicable tariff rules. Both conditions of carriage/contract spell out the various benefits and limitations associated with the air transportation being provided.

"State Carriage" means a motor vehicle :-

- who can carry more than 6 passengers other than the driver

- for the whole journey or for the destinations of the journey

- Separate fares by or for individual passengers

- To bear rent or remuneration

made or adapted to it.

Procedure to apply for permit

The following particulars shall be given in an application for a permit as a stage vehicle:-

1. The route or routes for which the application is being made.

2. The type and seating area of ​​each such vehicle.

3.   Minimum and maximum number and schedule of daily trips proposed to be provided (trip means return journey from one point to another)

4.   Number of vehicles to be kept in reserve for maintenance of service.

5.   The arrangements for the keeping, maintenance and repair of vehicles and for the storage and custody of goods.

6.   Such other matters as may be directed.

Application for stage vehicle permit shall be made to the concerned Secretary, Regional Transport Authority (RTO) by enclosing the following form in Form No. RS.5.1 :-

1. Attested copy of any of the following proof of place of residence in accordance with Rule 4 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989:-

(i) Photo Identity Card

(ii)  Electoral Enrollment List

(iii)  Life Insurance Policy

(iv) Passport

(v)   Pay slips issued by any office of the Central Government or State Government or any local body

(vi) a copy of or any other proof accepted in this behalf in accordance with the rules
2. Where there is reservation of permit under section 17(4), then certificate of being SC/ST from the competent authority.

3. An envelope containing your address for information

4. Tax Paid Report,

5. Copy of valid insurance of the vehicle,

6. Copy of fitness certificate,

7. Copy of Registration Book,

8. Blue print map of the proposed route showing all the viaducts of the population and the length and range of the proposed route

9. Proposed Time Table

10. Proposed Fare

11.Fixed Fees

The Secretary, Regional Transport Authority has the discretion to grant or reject the Floor Vehicle Permit on the application as per rules, as he thinks fit.

The Secretary, Regional Transport Authority shall inform the applicant about the acceptance or rejection of the application within 7 days from the date of issue of the order and issue the permit in the prescribed format RS.5.9.

Vehicle permit number search by plate number

Follow the steps given below to search your vehicle's permit number

Open this Click Here link in any of your browser 

Enter your registered mobile number, if the number is not registered then click on the create account button below, and enter your mobile number and email, verify with OTP, set password, submit account will be created, then login.

Enter your Registered Mobile Number Number and Click on Next Button

Enter the password you have entered while registering the account and then click on the "Continue" button

Enter the plate number of the vehicle in "Enter Vehicle Number" then enter captcha code then click on "Vahan Search" button

Below you get to see the permit number and expiry date in the permit details as well as which category your permit belongs to.

In this way, you can check the permit number of your vehicle just by looking at the plate number of the vehicle, if you are facing any problem, then definitely tell us by commenting below.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Driving Licence Application Number Search | Driving licence application number without otp

 If you also want to search the application number of your lost driving license or learning license, then how can you do it, if you are also tired of searching the application number and you are not able to find the application number, then you have been told here. If you follow the step then you will get the application number

Driving License Application Number Search

Open a browser on your system, open this https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/ link in it

Click on Online Services on Driving License Related Services option

Then the state list will come in front of you, select your state

Here you will get to see many options, now you click on the button on the right side Others, in that you will get the option of Find Application Number, click on it.

Select the name of your state, then select the RTO of your area.

Here enter your First Name, it is not necessary to enter Middle, Last Name, enter your date of birth, enter mobile number as well as captcha then click on submit button

If you find such an error after searching the application number, then it can be due to two reasons, first the name, date of birth entered mobile is not matching with the database, or if the server of the website is down then like this In the condition, you do not know by searching the application number.

If you have entered your name, mobile number, date of birth, if it matches with the database, then it will show you the record like it is telling below, then you have to click on the "Get Details" button.

Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and submit

Then you will get the application number, in the same way, you can also search the application number of your learner's license.

If you are facing problem in finding driving license application number from here, then you can follow the second method given below.

Driving license application number without OTP

If you are also tired of trying to search your application number, then how can you remove it very easily, follow the given steps to know LL application number.

  • Open this Website For Click Here link in your secure browser

  • Enter mobile number registered with driving license

  • Enter the date of birth entered while applying DL

  • Verify the captcha "I'm a not robot" Tick the right

  • Click on the "Search Now" button, then the data will come in front of you

  • If your mobile number and date of birth match with the database then you will be shown the application

Now you can check the status of your driving license, and you can take it wherever you want to use it.