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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Vehicle owner mobile number by number plate

 Hello, today we are all going to teach you how you can find out the mobile number of any vehicle owner, how it can be seen, in which you will get to see the owner's name, short address, real mobile number.

Important Point

You will not get the name of the owner, mobile number, short address, all this at one place, so read the post well, follow the steps given below, do not rush to check otherwise it will not be able to check.

Check vehicle owner full name by registration number

To check the name of the owner, follow the steps given below.

Step 1:  Visit this link : Click Here

Step 2: Enter Vehicle Registration Number after then click on Go button.

Step 3: Go button click after show vehicle owner full name without hide.

Vehicle chassis number search by registration number

Follow the steps given below to check Vehicle Chassis Number

Step 1:  Visit this link : Click Here

Step 2: Enter Vehicle Registration Number after then click on Go button.

Step 3: Go button click after show vehicle owner full name without hide.

Step 4: Here you will get to see the full chassis number of the vehicle.

Vehicle owner mobile number by number plate

Follow the given steps carefully to check the mobile number of the vehicle owner.

Step 1: Visit this Link : Click Here

Step 2: Click on OK button after read this message.

Step 3: Click on RC Particulars button for next process.

Step 4: Enter Vehicle Last 5 Digit Chassis number and click on VERIFY DETAILS button.

Step 5: Here the mobile number of the vehicle owner is being shown, so you can find out the mobile number in this way.

Vehicle registration owner details with address

Follow the steps given below to check Vehicle Owner Details and address.

Step 1:  Visit this link : Click Here

Step 2: Enter Vehicle Registration Number after then click on Go button.

Step 3: Go button click after show vehicle owner full name without hide.

Step 4: Here you will get to see the full chassis number of the vehicle.

Step 5: In the last, you will get to see the short address of the vehicle owner.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

How to get Fancy VIP Number for Car or Bike and VIP Number plate availability check my vehicle online my location

Any man or woman in West Bengal favor to fancy register range for automobile is very convenient manner online. The West Bengal Government has made all automobile associated offerings accessible online. The automobile register carrier has additionally been made on-line so that all and sundry can do it themselves and transparent. If you see a fancy wide variety and the different individual sees the equal number, then each of them have to bid, Whoever wins the bid receives that number. If any individual else doesn’t see that number, you’ll get it in any other case made auction. The public sale system is very easy and the whole thing occurs online. Action Result additionally comes on-line and Fees additionally has to pay on-line only. all component about fancy variety plat doing online. In this put up you will discover the reply to all these questions – How to take a look at fancy quantity reachable or no longer ?, How to do public sale bidding on-line ?, how to pay bidding charge on line ?. 

The first aspect to comprehend for human beings who do no longer have any inkling about such quantity plates is to apprehend what they are.

Such a plate is simply any other way for people to draw interest to their vehicle, making it special from the hundreds of thousands of different motors traversing the roads.

For example, feel your fancy quantity for bike ends with ‘9999’ or ‘0001’. While riding round on that bike, you would really entice interest from passers-by and different bike riders.

That is due to the fact your bike’s wide variety is no longer as random as theirs, however it is a specialised one. Other famous numbers for your auto or bike can encompass 2222, 0786, 0047, and others.

Instead of truly giving such numbers away to random car owners, the Transport Department monetises them. Selling such numbers to the absolute best bidder allows this authorities physique to elevate cash to utilise elsewhere.

A motorhead with a ardour for using loves to spend on his vehicle or bike to extract the foremost overall performance from it.

Similarly, these men and women make it a factor to set their car aside from others, regularly thru physique mods, customisations, paint jobs and more. A specialised plate is simply every other way to differentiate between their car/bike from the infinite others on the road.

How do you get a fancy quantity plate?

VIP Number plate availability check my vehicle online my location

If you also want to get a VIP or number plate of your choice for your vehicle, then before that you have to check whether that number is available in your RTO or not. You can take the last 4 digit number of your choice except rto code and series.

Step 2: Select Your State Name and RTO Office Name, Enter Verification Code enter 4 digit last number of number plate (You can take the last 4 digit number of your choice except rto code and series.) after click on Check Availability Button. 

Step 3: By entering the number you want, as you check, then the series of that number available in that RTO will be shown.

Many times it will also happen that the number you want to take will not be available in your RTO, it makes a difference, on the number you have chosen, if this is the case, then you can also take the number from the RTO of any other city.

How to get fancy registration number for bike/Car?

Before heading out to get your VIP automobile number, make certain that you have sufficient expertise involving the software system for the same.
You need to understand that all of it can be concluded online, the usage of the following procedure:

You would want to begin by means of registering as a public person at the authentic Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH) website.
After signing up for this account, you will want to select your favored fancy car number.
Next, pay a rate for the account registration and for reserving the fancy quantity in question.
After clearing all pertinent fees, area an respectable bid on your chosen number.
Depending on the on-line results, you would want to pay the stability magnificent if you gather the preferred plate or gather your dues if the bidding did now not go in the direction of your favour.
If you obtained this number, you would want to print the allotment letter, which seems on-screen after price is clear

New rules for vehicle number plates in India

Now that you have a exact thinking about how to get fancy wide variety for bike or car, it is essential to recognize extra regulations associated to range plate attachment.

As of April 2019, all new motors have to come with HSRP (high-security registration plates) connected to them. Cars or bikes with fancy numbers are no longer exceptions to this rule.

These should additionally be geared up with such standardised plates, made out of aluminium. Apart from hot-stamped chromium, extra components of this plate consist of a 10-digit PIN or everlasting identification number.

Therefore, even even though you get to pick a specialised quantity for the vehicle, the sketch of plate ought to nonetheless in shape the specifications, as laid down by way of the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1989.

Number plate available online in West Bengal is valid or not

 The number plate available online in West Bengal is valid or not, if you have any doubts, then read the post completely, nowadays every work is being done online, and in such a situation, you can also book the registration number of the vehicle online, which is valid. It happens, you can do this work online as well as you can also get it done by visiting RTO Office.

Any man or woman in West Bengal favor to fancy register range for automobile is very convenient manner online. The West Bengal Government has made all automobile associated offerings accessible online. The automobile register carrier has additionally been made on-line so that all and sundry can do it themselves and transparent. If you see a fancy wide variety and the different individual sees the equal number, then each of them have to bid, Whoever wins the bid receives that number. If any individual else doesn’t see that number, you’ll get it in any other case made auction. The public sale system is very easy and the whole thing occurs online. Action Result additionally comes on-line and Fees additionally has to pay on-line only. all component about fancy variety plat doing online. In this put up you will discover the reply to all these questions – How to take a look at fancy quantity reachable or no longer ?, How to do public sale bidding on-line ?, how to pay bidding charge on line ?.

Number plate available online in West Bengal is valid or not ?

You are a resident of West Bengal and you buy a new vehicle in West Bengal, you want the vehicle's register number to be fancy. And if you book the number plate online, then you get that number, this number is valid, there can be no doubt about it.

Step 2: Select Your State Name and RTO Office Name, Enter Verification Code enter 4 digit last number of number plate after click on Check Availability Button.
Step 3: Show Your RTO Office Available this 4 digit related number plate 

If you are not getting your desired number in your home address RTO then you can also take it from any other RTO, there is no problem in this.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

How to find vehicle number plate chassis no NVSP Org

With regards to a bicycle, many individuals imagine that its enrollment number is the most significant, while its motor number, skeleton number, and vehicle ID number are of less importance. Indeed, even a large portion of the bicycle proprietors have no information about these quantities of their own bicycle. Assuming you likewise imagine that main the number plate holds importance and makes your bicycle unmistakable, then, at that point, you are totally off-base.

A significant inquiry tended to here in this article is what we search for in a vehicle while getting one? The above all else thing is its plan, shading, motor limit, mileage, and elements. Regularly nobody focuses on the Engine Number, Chassis Number, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This probably won't be pertinent while buying a new or a trade-in vehicle, yet how might you see whether the seller is selling you a multi month or even a year old vehicle? This is when such subtleties prove to be useful as it is the DNA of the vehicle.

You want to comprehend the way that on being taken, the number plate of your bicycle could without much of a stretch be removed from your bicycle. Consequently, to give each bicycle a one of a kind character, there are explicit numbers engraved on its body and motor. In any case, your bicycle additionally holds a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which holds information like year of assembling, enlistment subtleties, and so forth

Body Number: How To Check Your Motorcycle's VIN/Chassis Number?

Your bicycle's VIN/Chassis number will be embellished to the edge/body of the vehicle and will likewise be accessible in the Registration Certificate. The Chassis number comprises of the accompanying parts:

World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)

Vehicle Description Section (VDS)

9 different characters demonstrating the kind of vehicle, its uprooting, motor sort, plan succession, vehicle variant, exactness actually look at digit, year of production, and plant code

Chronic number of the vehicle

A nitty gritty depiction of the constituents of the VIN/Chassis number can be found underneath.

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a universally acknowledged norm to distinguish a wide range of engine vehicles including business vehicles and private vehicles like trucks, vehicles, transports, and bikes. A VIN comprises a progression of numbers and letters where every individual trademark gives explicit data about the vehicle.

A VIN is a remarkable recognizable proof code relegated to every vehicle. There could be a few justifications for why you could have to know your vehicle's VIN number. The VIN number can perceive where the vehicle is produced, year of assembling, and other huge data about the vehicle. You may likewise have to realize the VIN number in the event that you wish to arrange specific vehicle parts and need to know the specific form and model of your vehicle. There are different outsider sites where you can translate your vehicle's VIN number.

As these numbers have a significant influence in guaranteeing the wellbeing of your bicycle and considered as the most legitimate source to observe your bicycle's set of experiences, you should be familiar with VIN, undercarriage number and motor number and should know how to track down them.

How to find vehicle number plate chassis no?

Follow the step-wise guide mentioned below to check your vehicle details, including VIN, chassis, and engine number -

  • Step 1Visit This Click Here
  • For Full Chassis Number And Engin Number Of Any Of Your Vehicle

  • Step 2Then the dashboard of the website will open in front of you, now you have to click on the vehicle chassis / engine number.

  • Step 3Here enter your vehicle number without giving any space, verify the captcha code and click on the Go button.

What Is a Vehicle Identification Number?

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a special code of 17 characters that join numbers and letters used to recognize private as well as business vehicles. The VIN gives different kinds of subtleties connected with your bicycle like spot of creation, vehicle portrayal, vehicle distinguishing proof, year of production, RTO area, protection strategy, etc.

Parts of the Vehicle Identification Number

As we have effectively talked about that a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) holds 17 characters. Its sequential code is portioned into the accompanying three sections for characterization:

World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)

The characters from 1 to 3 of the VIN are known as the WMI code. These characters indicate the producer of the bike vehicle as well as the nation of beginning.

Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)

Characters 4 to 9 are known as the Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS). As the name recommends, these characters tell about the attributes of the vehicle which might incorporate the model of the vehicle, body type, etc.

What Is a Bike's Chassis Number?

The Chassis Number of a bicycle is a piece of the VIN as the last six characters of a VIN are the bicycle's Chassis Number. The VIN and the Chassis Number are regularly utilized conversely. In this manner, If you can observe VIN on your bicycle, then, at that point, you can likewise observe Chassis Number as it is the piece of VIN.

What is a VIN or frame number?

A vehicle distinguishing proof number or VIN contains 17 characters that are special to the vehicle, similar to a vehicle's extraordinary personality code. The VIN no is utilized conversely with the suspension number since it's stepped to the case of the vehicle, albeit rigorously talking, the frame number is essential for VIN. When you find the VIN, you can distinguish the undercarriage number too.

How To Find Chassis Number from Registration Number?

Notwithstanding, other than bicycles, you can observe this number on the Registration Certificate and Owner's Manual. Additionally, a few approved clients, for example, bicycle insurance agencies, banks, etc, hold the power to check this number online on an administration site known as VAHAN.

What Is the Engine Number?

It is obvious from the actual name that an Engine Number can be situated on the driving force of the bicycle. This number can likewise be utilized for the distinguishing proof of the bicycle, yet it is not quite the same as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

How To Find Engine Number?

You can undoubtedly track down it on the driving force of your bicycle and on the Registration Certificate and Owner's Manual. Very much like the Chassis Number, the bicycle's Engine Number can likewise be checked online at the public authority site known as VAHAN, by approved clients as it were.

What is the VIN, The Chassis and Engine Number Used For?

Knowing to search for these subtleties can come incredibly convenient in specific circumstances. The VIN, for instance, resembles a finger impression for a bicycle, i.e., it is interesting. In this way it is utilized for recognizable proof. While buying a recycled bicycle, checking the VIN through an information base will guarantee that the bicycle's set of experiences is perfect and won't make any difficulty for you.

Because of absence of information, once in a while, individuals fall in the snare of a few degenerate vendors who sell old or taken bike vehicles. The client gets handily hoodwinked and pay the sum fraudsters request. On this note, to save yourself from succumbing to any such trick, you should hold the information to decipher the VIN number of the bike vehicle. It will give you extraordinary elements and details of the bicycle or bike. Likewise, you can likewise follow the proprietor, enrollment subtleties, guarantee cases, and protection inclusion of the bike vehicle with the assistance of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The Chassis Number is important for the bicycle's VIN. The Engine number then again isn't important for the VIN and is completely different. Notwithstanding, the utilization of the number is comparative, in that it is utilized for ID. It can likewise be utilized to track down the right trade for motors and is confirmation of its unique make. Additionally, you might expect to check your VIN or frame number to add the right subtleties during the buy interaction or recharge cycle of your bike protection.

Where Can You Find the Chassis Number of Your Vehicle?

You might observe the VIN number on plates immersed to the skeleton or casing of the vehicle. It is for the most part stepped on the case or firewall or can be found on the vehicle consistence plate or base corner of the windscreen. On the off chance that you have any troubles observing the VIN number, a vehicle specialist might assist you with seeing as something similar. VIN/Chassis number is additionally referenced in the receipt and the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle.

Constituents of Chassis Number:

A Vehicle Identification Number comprises of 17 characters. This plan of numbers was started from the ISO Standard 3779 of every 1977 and was subsequently reconsidered in 1983. It has the accompanying three significant segments:

World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI): The initial three characters in a VIN number are the nation of beginning (a few models are 1 or 4 addresses the nation code for the USA, 2 addresses Canada, 3 addresses Japan, S addresses England, and W addresses Germany), producer of the vehicle (Examples: An addresses Audi, B addresses BMW, 1 addresses Chevrolet, F addresses Ford, G addresses General Motors, H addresses Honda, D addresses Mercedes Benz, N addresses Nissan, S addresses Suzuki, and K addresses Kawasaki), and kind of vehicle (in the event of a bike, it should be '1' or 'A').

Vehicle Description Section (VDS): The following six characters in a VIN number address other significant subtleties and characteristics of a vehicle.

Fourth person: The fourth person addresses the class of the vehicle. Suzuki follows the accompanying codes to stamp vehicle class:

C for bike

B for suburbanite or plan of action

N for single chamber sport/road

G for a long time sport/road

S for rough terrain, and that's only the tip of the iceberg

Fifth person: The fifth person in the VIN number shows the motor dislodging. Various makers might have various codes to recognize motor dislodging of the vehicle. The following are the subtleties relating to Suzuki:

A - 49 cc and less

B - 50 cc to 69 cc

C - 70 cc to 79 cc

D - 80 cc to 89 cc

E - 90 cc to 99 cc

F - 100 cc to 124 cc

G - 125 cc to 149 cc

H - 150 cc to 199 cc

J - 200 cc to 249 cc

K - 250 cc to 399 cc

M - 400 cc to 499 cc

N - 500 cc to 599 cc

P - 600 cc to 699 cc

R - 700 cc to 749 cc

S - 750 cc to 849 cc

T - 850 cc to 999 cc

U - 1000 cc to 1099 cc

V - 1100 cc to 1199 cc

W - 1200 cc to 1299 cc

Y - 1400 cc to 1499 cc

Z - 1500 cc or more

6th person: In the VIN number, the 6th person ordinarily addresses the motor sort of the vehicle. Here are some Suzuki explicit numeric codes signifying the motor sort.

1 - 2 stroke single motor

2 - 2 stroke twin motor

3 - 2 stroke triple or fourfold motor

4 - 4 stroke single motor

5 - 4 stroke twin motor, etc

Seventh Character: The seventh person in the Vehicle Identification Number shows the plan succession for any vehicle. As followed by Suzuki, 1 is utilized for the primary plan adaptation of the vehicle, 2 is utilized for the second form of the plan, and tenth or more forms are addressed with A, B, etc.

Eight Character: according to the framework followed by Suzuki, the eight person addresses the adaptation of the vehicle.

9th Character: The Ninth person is the VIN exactness really take a look at digit. There is a sure system to work out something similar.

10th person: The 10th person is a digit that tells the extended period of vehicle produce.

11th person: The 11th person in a Vehicle Identification Number means the plant code where the vehicle is made.

Chronic Number of the Vehicle: The twelfth to the seventeenth characters in the Vehicle Identification Number is the chronic number doled out to a vehicle.

I want to check my tax is paid for not with number plate

 All state and public interstates in India have a place with the public authority, and street charge is appropriate to every one of the people who use them. The duties gathered are utilized to keep up with the streets so drivers and riders have no issues out and about. In India, each interstate that is a state or public parkway, is burdened by the Indian Government for raising the expense of making as well as the support of the streets. This is an exceptionally fundamental expense which permits us to have the option to travel easily through states, towns and urban areas advantageously. Likewise security on these streets are vital since gouging should be controlled in certain pieces of India. This street tax assessment assists with guaranteeing that the expense of street wellbeing and security is likewise kept up with. There are different sorts of street burdens, that depend on the state you are going in. The most widely recognized street charge that is gathered from vehicles, is the cost charge.

I want to check my tax is paid for not with number plate

If you also want to check that there is no tax left on your vehicle, then how can you check.

Step 2: Here you will get many options, there are many options to check tax, but you have to tick the option of Registration No.

Step 3: To check Vehicle Tax, after putting a tick on the registration number, enter the plate number of the vehicle and then click on the search button.

Step 4: If there is no tax of any kind left on your vehicle, then the error of "No Data Found" is seen, which means that there is no tax left on your vehicle.

Step 5: When tax is pending on your vehicle, then transaction details are shown here, this tax information comes only for transport vehicle and not for non transport, here you will get information like tax issue date, tax deposit date, amount etc. She goes

Who is responsible for road tax?

Any individual who has purchased a vehicle for personal or commercial use must pay road tax. The vehicle that is bought can be a trailer, a commercial truck, a four-wheeler, a three-wheeler, and a two-wheeler. Who's responsible for paying the vehicle excise duty (road tax)? Explanation: The registered keeper of the vehicle is responsible for paying the vehicle excise duty or making a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) if the vehicle is to be kept untaxed and off the road.

Payment of Road Tax Online

The procedure to pay the road tax online is mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit this link https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/.

Step 2: Enter the registration number and click on ‘Proceed’.

Step 3: On the next page, you will find the option to pay the road tax online,                                        click on Pay Your Tax Button.

Step 4: Show this interface after click on Verify Details button.

Step 5: Enter the mobile number and click on the Generate OTP button, verify it, then submit, the rest of the payment will be shown, click on the Pay No button, deposit the payment, print the receipt.

Toll Tax Rates

Based on the policies of the National Highways Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection Rules, 2008, the toll tax rates are supposed to undergo revision each year and take effect from April 1, the are the current rates are available on the website and differ based on location and distances.

List of who will be given toll tax exemption

Any vehicle which has the following people will be exempted toll tax across India:

  1. President of India
  2. Prime-Minister of India
  3. Vice-President of India
  4. Chief Justice of India
  5. Governor of any State in India
  6. Speaker of the House of People
  7. Cabinet Minister of the Union
  8. Judge of the Supreme Court
  9. Governor of any State in India
  10. Minister of State of the Union
  11. Member of Parliament
  12. Lieutenant Governor of any Union Territory in India
  13. Chief of Staff holding a full General or equivalent rank
  14. Chairman of the Legislative Council of a State
  15. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of any State in India
  16. Chief Justice of a High Court
  17. Judge of a High Court
  18. Army Commander or Vice-Chief of Army Staff and equivalent in other services
  19. Foreign dignitary on State visit
  20. Chief Secretary to a State Government within concerned State
  21. Secretary to the Government of India
  22. Secretary, Council of States
  23. Secretary, House of People
  24. A Member of Legislative Assembly of a State in the state premises, with identity proof
  25. A Member of Legislative Council in the borders of their respective State, with identity proof
  26. Awardees of the following recognition, with adequate identity proof:
    • Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra
    • Maha Vir Chakra, Kirti Chakra
    • Vir Chakra
    • Shaurya Chakra

Monday, February 14, 2022

We can get fastag on temporary number plates

Ministry of Road Transport and Highway. Fastag is a system of fashion that employs radio frequency identification technologies (RFID). It is an electronic mode of toll collection that is operated by the National Highway Authority of India. It is affixed on the wide glasses of the vehicles to avoid the problem of stopping at the top plazas. With the coming of this system, there are numerous doubts associated as well, especially from the driver’s side. So, here’s resolving some of the queries.

How to do Fast Recharge for temporary registration number? 

It is not possible to create a FASTag account, based on having a temporary registration number. As the vehicle is not registered with the government. It’s not possible at all. To have a Fastag account, you require all the details including the permanent registration number. Even if you are going through Paytm you need to upload the smart card which contains the permanent registration number. So, either way, it’s not possible. All you need to have is registration of your respective vehicle where the details are recorded by the government. But there are chances that sometimes the dealers provide you with the Fastag based on chassis number which usually happens in big cities. So, in that case, there is no requirement for VIN.

How to recharge Fastag for a temporary number?

As said above it’s not at all possible to recharge the Fastag for a temporary number, as it requires the permanent registration number and details. So, once your vehicle is registered with the government you can easily follow the procedure of opening a Fastag account by opting through any of the banks such as SBI, HDFC, and many others including Paytm as well. Where you need to just mention your registration number and other KYC documents. Hence, without proper details and registration, you cannot recharge for a temporary number. But, in case the dealer provides you with the Fastag, then you can easily recharge through Paytm, Google pays, or any other pre-paid method like before.

What is the vehicle registration number for Fastag?

Here, the vehicle registration number for Fastag is the engine number, or chassis number, or the permanent registration number of the vehicle on which the Fastag is issued. Adding to this the VAHAN system is now gathering all the information of the hashtag through the VIN that is Vehicle Identification Number or the VRN that is Vehicle Registration Number.

Temporary Registration number status ap Fastag of a new vehicle/car?

A temporary registration number is a number that is given by the showroom owner or the dealer as per the case may be to the customer. Now, owing to the registration number the customer should register the vehicle within one month of receiving it. So, follow the below steps to get the temporary number.

Steps for registration for a temporary Number:

Follow the steps to get the temporary registration number for your vehicle:

  • You need to download form 20 and respectively fill it with proper mentions.
  • Then the second step is to submit this form 20 to the RTO office, in the zone you reside.
  • Then, we have to provide the required documents.
  • And finally, the last step is to pay the tax and fees as specified.

Since I have mentioned the documents. Here’s a list of the documents which you will need.

Documents Required for Getting Temporary Number:

  1. Form 20 which is the application form.
  2. Form 21 which is the Sale certificate.
  3. Address Proof which can be electricity bill, ration card, etc.
  4. PUCC stands for Pollution Under Control Certificate.
  5. Pan Card, or form 60 and 61 in case of not having the pan card.

Following this, you can get registered with the Fastag for temporary use and pay the toll amounts. But, remember this is for temporary use only by making payments through cash or card. You will need a permanent registration number for the Fastag.


As per some facts and reports, there are approximately 1.68 Crore people who are registered with Fastag. Adding to this, the invention of this technology has benefited us a lot both individually as well as in a country. Since it’s cost-efficient, no paper is being used making it environmentally friendly, saving time and effort. Thus, it’s a super cool way to reduce the liabilities of our country India which we have been carrying for a long time.

How do I get a FASTag?

The official way to obtain a FASTag is to apply through your bank or digital payment applications such as PAYTM. The procedure is uploading your car number and evidence of registered owner ID online. After that, after payment is received, the tag will be shipped to the specified address.

What are the details about FASTag implementation?

The easiest approach to acquire your tag quickly is to go to a local toll booth. Most banks and digital payment providers have set up temporary kiosks where workers are assigned to sell the tags. The representative will want car information, such as the registration certificate and evidence of ownership. If the car is registered to a corporation, the user may also give his or her personal ID.

Which bank is offering free FASTag?

Fastag Tag may also be obtained from any national Toll Plaza in India. Here is a list of India’s national highways. You may obtain a Fastag card for your vehicle for free by visiting the Toll Plaza office. There are also special offers available with ICICI Bank FASTag! The Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways has ordered that all cars be FASTag-equipped from January 1, 2021. What are the three documents needed?

  1. Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  2. Passport-size photo of the vehicle owner
  3. KYC documents (PAN Card/Driving License/Passport/Voter ID/Aadhaar Card (with address)).

What are the details about FASTag implementation?

If you’re not familiar with FASTag and how it works, now’s the time to learn. According to the most recent government regulations, FASTag will be made mandatory for all cars in the nation beginning on February 16, 2021, failing which you will be required to pay double the toll price. According to research by the Transport Corporation of India (TCI) and IIM Kolkata, transportation delays cost India around USD 6.6 billion per year. To address this shortfall, the government implemented Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). Taking a lesson from this, the National Highways Programme stated that it will undergo extensive reorganization in order to improve the efficiency of the National Highways Grid’s operation.

Benefits of using FASTag right now?

While one of the primary goals of FASTag technology is to maintain optimal traffic flow and reduce congestion at toll plazas, there are a number of other FASTag advantages.

  • Those who often utilize roads for commuting will no longer have to waste time looking for change at highway toll plazas.
  • It is a contactless payment method that prioritizes cleanliness and safety.
  • It decreases the amount of work necessary during human interactions, making the payment process more effective and efficient.
  • Because there is no idling at toll booths, there is seamless movement on national and state highways, which decreases automotive emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Long lineups might alleviate anxiety among drivers since vehicles will be traveling in sync with one another.
  • FASTag customers additionally receive a 2.5 percent payback on all transactions made at national toll plazas, resulting in even more savings.

Do you need a FASTag even if you don’t take your vehicle on highways?

The government intends to use FASTag as a multi-utility payment mechanism in places other than roads, such as parking lots. FASTag was made necessary to have third-party insurance in April 2020, which is a minimum insurance cover required for all automobiles. Furthermore, if you enter a FASTag lane without a FASTag, you will be charged double the toll amount. The same rule applies if your FASTag is inoperable due to RFID impairment or inadequate balance. Having a FASTag is thus a question of convenience as well as safety.

What is the validity of FASTag?

FASTag is valid for a minimum of five years, eliminating the need for yearly renewals. You can also receive SMS notifications on toll deductions and the balance of your FASTag account. Furthermore, HDFC Bank provides an online FASTag reloadable facility for low-cost recharges or top-ups.

What will happen if you enter a FASTag lane without having a FASTag by mistake?

It can be annoying not to have a FASTag installed in your car, and it will be obligatory for all cars beginning in January 2021. So, buy a FASTag for your automobile and help the country achieve its digital goals.

How much does it cost and what about validity?

According to the IHMCL, banks can charge up to Rs 200 for issuing the tag, including all taxes. A security deposit is also required, which is generally approximately Rs 200 for most automobiles (depending on the vehicle type). The tag then requires a minimum recharge value, generally Rs 100, to remain active. Aside from that, different banks may impose an extra transaction fee for each recharge. It is recommended to look at the websites of banks or prepaid wallets to discover how much they charge. Currently, the security deposit cannot be used to pay tolls. The establishment is debating whether this security deposit may also be used as a toll, but nothing has been decided. FASTag is valid indefinitely as long as the scanner can read the tag. FASTag is just for automobiles, not people.

Which highways accept FASTag?

FASTags have been implemented for toll collection at all 615 NHAI toll plazas and 100 state highway toll plazas. The number will steadily rise.

How to operate a FASTag account, like recharge, top up etc?

The FASTag mobile app (Android and iOS) may be linked to it. Each FASTag is assigned a unique number. Banks have their own web-based systems in place. It works just like any other prepaid e-wallet.

What will happen if you enter a FASTag lane without having a FASTag by mistake?

The highway marshals should ideally not allow you to enter a FASTag lane. However, if you find yourself in a FASTag lane, you must pay double the toll price. Even if your FASTag is not working due to RFID damage or a lack of balance, you will be charged double the toll amount. Policymakers are considering partnering with banks to create a system in which the user may pay cash and the tag is recharged on the spot via a payment gateway (such as the Bharat Bill Payment System). However, this is still in the planning stages.

Do you need FASTag even if you do not take your car to the highways?

Ideally, yes, because the government has intended to make FASTag necessary for third-party insurance, which is a minimum insurance cover required for all automobiles, beginning in April of this year. Furthermore, in order to encourage usage, the government intends to incorporate FASTag for payments at highway rest stops, parking lots, and other locations. As a result, the tag is transformed into a multi-utility payment instrument.

What documents do I need to get/activate a FASTag?

A copy of your valid driver’s license (as evidence of address and picture ID), as well as the vehicle’s registration certificate. Banks demand KYC papers such as Aadhaar, passports, and PANs.

What if I am in the toll-exemption/concession category?

If you live within 10 kilometers of the toll plaza, you must provide evidence of residency in order to obtain a FASTag and benefit from the concession.

How to resolve complaints about FASTag?

The NHAI’s all-India hotline number is 1033. When it comes to NHAI’s FASTags, complaint resolution is often quick. Customers who have FASTags issued by banks, on the other hand, are routed to the bank’s customer service, and concerns take longer to resolve. To address this, the government is contemplating integrating the hotline in some way, so that a complaint produces a “ticket,” which is then forwarded to the bank, and the issue is handled without the client having to track down the complaint. The majority of complaints include broken RFID, low balance, recharge inquiries, and technological issues such as deducting SMS arriving late, among other things.