Thursday, February 10, 2022

New bike without number plate KITNE day Lo rode PE pass hai

Technically you should not. The temporary number is like a tag saying the vehicle is undergoing registration process. It is not a temporary permit for using the vehicle. Secondly, temporary numbered vehicles are not permitted use before registration to prevent any possible criminal activity. Those temporary numbers are almost all the same as making a unique temporary number is meaningless. It also becomes very difficult to track down the vehicle having such numbers in case of traffic voilations because the vehicle chassis and engine numbers are not affiliated to that temporary number. I suggest you avoid using a vehicle with temporary number. If you must use then carry your vehicle sale invioce and insurance papers ( if processed)

How many Kms or days I can ride my new bike with temporary number

I have driven my RTR 200 for least of 15 days with temporary. number plate,but with some required documents which are as follows,

1-bike invoice ,2-insurance,3-Road tax receipt,4-RTO motorcycle Reg. receipt.

So if u have all this documents & still you are using your bike on temporary. number then no worries,if any one stops you, you can show the rules of RTO on its web site.

However if you not have anyone of this documents then you can try your luck,

i once took my bike without any tax or Reg. receipts but no one stopped me,

& yes! i was wearing helmet(so i was following rules) so no one got a hint about the documents.

Also no need to worry about the KMS i have crossed it more then 150kms , just make sure your Reg. to be done within a Month of your bike delivery.

 I drove my FZS for 45 days (1200 KMs exactly) before I got my vehicle registered. But once I was caught by the traffic police and paid a fine of INR 650/-.

Maximum you can drive 60–80 KMs without registration. (Told by the traffic police who caught me)

If you go as per the Maharashtra RTO’s rules,

  1. The vehicle has to be registered with-in 7 days from the date of delivery. - My vehicle registration got delayed from the dealer side. I had complain to the YAMAHA customer care for delay.
  2. No dealer of vehicle can deliver the unregistered motor vehicle to the purchaser. He can only deliver the vehicles which are temporarily /permanently registered with R.T.O - But most of the dealers just paste sticker on the number plate with a temporary number which is common for all the bikes they sell.

So i suggest, better not drive your vehicle without registration number.

RTO has set a bevy of rules to follow but actually very few people abide them..Now after the purchase of a unregistered brand new bike the dealer will automatically give u a temporary number which will be valid for 30 days and legally u can drive your bike in this stipulated period without any worries but yes some unscrupulous cops can extort money from you in the name of checking so my advise is to run your bike during off time like in morning before 9a.m. and don't go in far off or unknown localities.


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