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I want to check my tax is paid for not with number plate

 All state and public interstates in India have a place with the public authority, and street charge is appropriate to every one of the people who use them. The duties gathered are utilized to keep up with the streets so drivers and riders have no issues out and about. In India, each interstate that is a state or public parkway, is burdened by the Indian Government for raising the expense of making as well as the support of the streets. This is an exceptionally fundamental expense which permits us to have the option to travel easily through states, towns and urban areas advantageously. Likewise security on these streets are vital since gouging should be controlled in certain pieces of India. This street tax assessment assists with guaranteeing that the expense of street wellbeing and security is likewise kept up with. There are different sorts of street burdens, that depend on the state you are going in. The most widely recognized street charge that is gathered from vehicles, is the cost charge.

I want to check my tax is paid for not with number plate

If you also want to check that there is no tax left on your vehicle, then how can you check.

Step 2: Here you will get many options, there are many options to check tax, but you have to tick the option of Registration No.

Step 3: To check Vehicle Tax, after putting a tick on the registration number, enter the plate number of the vehicle and then click on the search button.

Step 4: If there is no tax of any kind left on your vehicle, then the error of "No Data Found" is seen, which means that there is no tax left on your vehicle.

Step 5: When tax is pending on your vehicle, then transaction details are shown here, this tax information comes only for transport vehicle and not for non transport, here you will get information like tax issue date, tax deposit date, amount etc. She goes

Who is responsible for road tax?

Any individual who has purchased a vehicle for personal or commercial use must pay road tax. The vehicle that is bought can be a trailer, a commercial truck, a four-wheeler, a three-wheeler, and a two-wheeler. Who's responsible for paying the vehicle excise duty (road tax)? Explanation: The registered keeper of the vehicle is responsible for paying the vehicle excise duty or making a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) if the vehicle is to be kept untaxed and off the road.

Payment of Road Tax Online

The procedure to pay the road tax online is mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit this link

Step 2: Enter the registration number and click on ‘Proceed’.

Step 3: On the next page, you will find the option to pay the road tax online,                                        click on Pay Your Tax Button.

Step 4: Show this interface after click on Verify Details button.

Step 5: Enter the mobile number and click on the Generate OTP button, verify it, then submit, the rest of the payment will be shown, click on the Pay No button, deposit the payment, print the receipt.

Toll Tax Rates

Based on the policies of the National Highways Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection Rules, 2008, the toll tax rates are supposed to undergo revision each year and take effect from April 1, the are the current rates are available on the website and differ based on location and distances.

List of who will be given toll tax exemption

Any vehicle which has the following people will be exempted toll tax across India:

  1. President of India
  2. Prime-Minister of India
  3. Vice-President of India
  4. Chief Justice of India
  5. Governor of any State in India
  6. Speaker of the House of People
  7. Cabinet Minister of the Union
  8. Judge of the Supreme Court
  9. Governor of any State in India
  10. Minister of State of the Union
  11. Member of Parliament
  12. Lieutenant Governor of any Union Territory in India
  13. Chief of Staff holding a full General or equivalent rank
  14. Chairman of the Legislative Council of a State
  15. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of any State in India
  16. Chief Justice of a High Court
  17. Judge of a High Court
  18. Army Commander or Vice-Chief of Army Staff and equivalent in other services
  19. Foreign dignitary on State visit
  20. Chief Secretary to a State Government within concerned State
  21. Secretary to the Government of India
  22. Secretary, Council of States
  23. Secretary, House of People
  24. A Member of Legislative Assembly of a State in the state premises, with identity proof
  25. A Member of Legislative Council in the borders of their respective State, with identity proof
  26. Awardees of the following recognition, with adequate identity proof:
    • Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra
    • Maha Vir Chakra, Kirti Chakra
    • Vir Chakra
    • Shaurya Chakra


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