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FASTag apply online || Paytm FASTag activation || How to Make FASTag Recharge on Paytm

What is FASTag ?

Fast tag is a digital tag that will be issued by the Indian government for vehicle owners. That issued tag will be placed on the front of the vehicle. Just as you recharge your mobile, you need to recharge this fast tag so that you can pay the toll tax on your vehicle through it. The most prominent benefit of this fast tag card will be the drivers as they will not have to stop at toll centres to pay the toll after the card is made. These cards will be fitted with a sensor so that you can go to a specific line and check your vehicle's card through a sensor and cut your toll directly. The toll amount will be deducted directly from the vehicle owner's account through fast tag card. If you have more than one vehicle, you need to get different fast tag cards for different vehicles through automobiles. If your fast tag account runs out, you'll need to rerecharge it. This tag has a validity of 5 years, i.e. you need to reinstall it on your car after 5 years.

Documents for Fastag

Vehicle Registration Document (RC):-

All types of registration documents related to whatever vehicle you have have are required to show you to get a FastTech card. Your FASTAG card is registered only after examining those documents.

Bank Account Documents:-

Fastag card is directly and indirectly linked to your bank account so that all payments are made directly from your bank so you also have to submit bank account documents while applying for fast track card. But if you make FASTag with Paytm, you can use Paytm Wallet directly, then you won't need a bank account

Identity Card:-

Along with all these documents, a photo copy of Aadhaar card or voter ID card has to be submitted on the basis of one ID of the car owner.

Address Proof:-

For address proof also, you need a photo copy that contains your electricity bill, telephone bill, or a certificate of local address to get a fast tag card.

How to apply online for FASTag ?

To apply FASTag card from Paytm, you must first Paytm Account Create and Paytm Account Login, first.

Paytm Account Login after click on "All Payment Services" Button.

Here you get two Fastag options for one recharge for another Fastag Card Book &Buy, you have to click on "Book &Buy FasTag" Button

You have to pay Rs. 350 for FASTag Card, Rs. 250 out of Rs. 350 will be kept in your FASTag, Vehicle Registration Number enter the vehicle you are making FASTag Card for.

If you want your FasTag Card to start from the front and you don't need to Active, you can upload your RC Front & Back Side Image here, then click on the "Procees To Pay" button.

Note: If you don't, you'll FasTag Card Active only if you have to Active Card after FasTag Card's home later

Add the address you want to Fastag Card after clicking on the Procees To Pay button.

Pay Rs. 350.

As you pay the payment, your Order is booked, so you can create FASTag Card.

FasTag Process:-

For example, after you order it at home Fastag Card rs. 350, you have to stick it to the Fastag Card on the glass in front of the car, Fastag Card don't need to Active, if you don't RC Upload while Fastag Card book&buy, you will have to go to the Paytm Apps or Website and active.

Paytm FASTag activation 

If you've FASTag Card Order read this post, you don't need to Paytm FASTag Active, because you RC Upload while Paytm FASTag Order, if there's a problem, you're not Paytm FASTag active, you can reactivate it. For this, you need to visit the Paytm Apps Or Website, how to activate, the video is just below, you can see

How to Make FASTag Recharge on Paytm 

you can do a pay application or website to recharge FASTag, but you can open the Paytm Apps Or Website to recharge FASTag with Paytm and Paytm Account Login yourself, FASTag RechargeSearch for options, select the name of the bank from which your FASTag was issued, enter the vehicle number, click on Procees Button, then show the details of the FASTag owner and also tell you how much balance is left in the FASTag, how much balance you want to add to the FASTag now, enter the amount and Click on Procees Button

How many FASTag can be activated with one mobile number?

The government has not framed any rules in this regard, so you can use your mobile number in FasTag as much as you want, Only one mobile number can be linked with one FASTag, that FASTag will be used for only one vehicle for which FASTag was made, if you have more than one vehicle, then you can use your same mobile number for all vehicle's FASTag. With this, it will not cause any issue in any FASTag, the mobile number is used only to receive messages related to FASTag as well as to receive messages of the toll cut by the toll plaza, This will not cause any problem to any of your FASTag.

Benefits of Fastag ?

Benefits of FASTag- Ministry of Road and Transport has launched FASTAG system at several toll plazas in the country to address the problem of long queues of trains and open money due to toll tax in toll plazas. Fastag will save you time as well as your petrol or diesel.

SMS will also be available (SMS Facility) – Whenever you cross a toll plaza by a fastag vehicle, you will get a SMS as soon as your fee is deducted from the Fastag account. You will also be informed about the amount deducted from the Fastag account through SMS.


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