Vehicle owner contact number and address || How to Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number

Know your vehicle details | Learn more about Vahan info | Vehicle Details Parivahan. 

Vehicle owner information provides you with useful data about vehicles that could be useful in traffic accidents and cases of hasty driving, before buying a used vehicle or for law enforcement and investigation purposes. Vehicle details can also be important if you have lost documents related to your vehicle/vahan. You can find all the details of the vehicle. Vehicle details are also important if your vehicle is stolen and you want to claim it. Vehicle information is required if you do not have valid documents. You can find the vehicle details of each vehicle/bicycle online through this portal. Vehicle registration information, vahan owner information, vahan rto information can be retrieved for any state in India, i.e. Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc. 

Why are the details of the vehicle owner and vahan important and how can the vehicle details be found in line by license plate? 

When buying a second-hand vehicle, it is a very important task and difficult to obtain complete information about the vehicle or vahan or to consult the full model number of the vehicle, information about the vehicle manufacturer. People can trick buyers by making some duplicate vehicle documents, you can faraud. Therefore, it is always the primo option to verify the details of the vehicle or vahan. You can check the following from the vehicle/vahan by license plate: VAHAN information, Vahan RTO registration number, chassis number, engine number. The RTO vehicle information database also contains details about Vahan's regional transport/vehicle office in India.

What is the plate of a vehicle? 

Plates (Vahan) are nothing more than a combination of numbers and alphabets that give your vehicle a unique identity and register it with the Regional Tourist Office or RTO. The Vahan license plate is the main thing that connects everything you need about vehicle information and owner information. Therefore, the license plate of the vehicle is very important or should be taken into account when buying a vahan/vehicle. Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, each vehicle owner is required to register his vehicle in accordance with the license plate and place a license plate on the rear and front of the vehicle. An unregistered license plate without a number that violates the registration rules may receive a high penalty. What is the format of the license plate of Vahan or vehicle? 

Registration format Vahan - e.g. NA09ME0786.

NA: Part one indicates the state or territory of the Union, which is indicated by two letters. For example, in the state of Maharashtra, a vehicle license plate starts with the code “MH”, in Delhi as “DL”. The 2 most important alphabets of the state name are used. This method began in 1980s.

09: the following 2 digits refer to the sequential number of a district. Since each state has at least one district, the district itself is responsible for the registration of new vehicles. For this, each district has its own regional traffic office (RTO), which is responsible for registering drivers and vehicles.

ME: The third part of the license plate is a unique number that helps identify the vehicle. If no number is available, letters are used to replace the last digit. This ensures an excessive number of codes for all vehicles. It is often common to buy custom numbers at a premium price. 

0786: The fourth and last part is an oval logo labeled “IND”, the acronym for India; this oval also has a chrome hologram on top that resembles a “chakra”. This is used in high security indicators (HSRP). These are tamper-proof plates that were introduced in 2005 to reduce vehicle theft. While it is imperative that all motor vehicles have them, some states still have to take on this practice. 


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