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AP Driving licence search by name and date of birth | Driving licence Status AP

 Driving License Status AP: Driving License is very important document in Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh State Government's Traffic Act is very good for the people. 

Drive vehicles on the road for which you need a driving license.

 If you apply for driving license and want to check your driving license status then read this article. All Driving License related service offers online in Andhra Pradesh.

 Now it is easy to do everything online on the website of Parivahan Andhra Pradesh. In this post, show all the procedure like how to check driving license status, 

how to check learner license status, how to check conductor license status.

Andhra Pradesh Driving Licence status

If you apply for driving license online at ap transport website and you want to check the status of your application, we provide step by step guide in this post.

Driving licence Status AP

To check driving license status Andhra Pradesh you need to visit AP Transport website!/index

After Open Transport Department Website select menu to Status -> Driving Licence (DL).

You will get to see this in front of you, to check the status, you have to select any one option with Application Number and Without Application Number, 

if you have application number then enter it here and date of birth then click on the search button. If the application is not there then you should select the option with no application number.

Here you have to select Driving License in Service Type, Select Issued Office in Search By, Enter the name of your RTA in Issued Office, Enter your date of birth then click on Search button

After doing this much work, you will also get to see the status, here you will get complete information about driving license.

AP Driving Licence search by name and date of birth

From here you can search the driving license number of all the states, if you also want to search then follow the steps given below carefully.

For this, you have to open a website in your browser, for this click on the button with click here.

The website will open in front of you, you have to go down and then you will see an input box named "Search Driving License Number", enter your name here.

Enter only the name that you know exactly, even if it is the last name Be it first or middle name as well as you have to enter a correct date of birth then click on Find button.

Then the list will come in front of you and your name will also appear in the list, if your name is not visible then there will be only two reasons for this,

 One name and the other date of birth, then change both of you again and check your driving license again. Do it. will get the number


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