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How to know manufacturing date of bike by Chassis number

know vehicle manufacturing date by chassis number or Vin number online today, if you also want to know the manufacturing month and year of your bike, then follow the steps given below.

What is the difference between Chassis Number and VIN Number

Generally speaking, there is no difference between these two, we can say that, because every vehicle manufacturing company marks a number on the chassis of every vehicle, which people know by different names, the number written on some chassis is called chassis number. So some say Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) both have the same number, so there is no difference between the two.

Why is it necessary to know the date of manufacture of the vehicle

Whenever you buy a new or old vehicle, it is needed to know exactly what is its manufacturing date, this is because many times the vehicle owner who gives its manufacturing date is wrong many times, he is lying. gives, and we believe that later it is found out that this is a very old vehicle, if it is not with you, then you can remove the manufacturing date from the online Chassis / VIN Number, how to remove it, the steps are given below. Follow them, you too will be able to remove any of your vehicles then.

How to know manufacturing date of bike by Chassis number

To check the manufacturing date, follow all the steps mentioned below comfortably, first understand then check otherwise you may have a problem.

Click on the given link to know the manufacturing date

Here enter your Vin number or chassis number then click on Decode Now button

After doing this, you get to see the Vehicle Manufacturing Date and how old the vehicle is, which company it belongs to, many such details can be seen,

The model year is encoded in place 10 of North American VIN codes. Other than the three letters that are not permitted in the VIN itself (I, O and Q), the letters U and Z and the digit 0 are not utilized for the year code. 

Note that the year code can be the schedule year in which a vehicle is constructed, or a model or type year dispensed by the maker. The year 1980 was encoded by certain makers, particularly 

General Motors and Chrysler, as "A" (since the 17-digit VIN wasn't required until 1981, and the "A" or zero was in the producer's pre-1981 situation in the VIN), at this point 

Ford AMC actually involved a zero for 1980. Ensuing years increase through the permitted letters, so that "Y" addresses the year 2000. 2001 through 2009 are encoded as the digits 1 through 9, and ensuing years are encoded as "A", "B", "C", and so forth.


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