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RTO Vehicle Details Check | How to Get Car Details by Number Plate

How to Get Car Details by Number Plate - Enter Your Vahan Registration Number Then click on RC Search Button.

RTO Vehicle Details Check | How to Get Car Details by Number Plate ?

If you buy an old vehicle and you do not know that the vehicle you are buying is in the name of the seller and in someone else's name, then after purchasing the vehicle you come to know that it was in someone else's name. You have to face a lot of problems if you want to check any other information other than the name of the vehicle owner, like when the vehicle was purchased so that you can know how old the vehicle is, if you want to check whether the vehicle is RTO. According to the report, for how many years is it valid i.e. what is the expiry date of the vehicle.

For Example:-

  • Owner First Name

  • Owner Last Name

  • Vahan Fuel Type

  • Vahan Registration Date

  • Vahan Fitness Date

  • Vahan Making Company Name

  • Vahan Model Name

  • Vahan Seating Quantity

  • Vahan CC Capacity

  • Insurance Company Name

Name of vehicle owner by car number by vehicle number

Get details of any vehicle registered in India through DriveSpark. The RTO database brings you all the necessary registration details of any vehicle at one place at a moment's notice. Enter the vehicle registration number in the search box shown below. Get vehicle registration state, city and regional transport office (RTO) details such as address, phone number and email instantly.

RTO Vehicle Details

RC Status or Registration Certificate is an official document issued by the RTO authority when someone buys a new vehicle and registers it with the RTO. RC is used to identify the vehicle owner and to record vehicles sold and purchased. Vehicle registration is mandatory if you buy any vehicle. You must carry your RC with you at all times while driving, if you are caught with a car without a valid RC, you may be fined or imprisoned depending on the circumstances.

What is a vehicle number plate?

A vehicle number plate is nothing but a combination of numbers and letters that gives your vehicle a unique identity and registers you with the Regional Transport Office or RTO. The vehicle number plate is the main thing that combines the information of the vehicle, every information you need about the owner. So, vehicle number plate is very important while buying a vehicle. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for any vehicle owner to register his vehicle in accordance with the number plate rules and affix number plates at the rear and front of the vehicle. Violation of number plate rules and unregistered plates without number can attract heavy fines.

What is the format of vehicle number plates?

Vehicle number plate format - e.g. AB06 CD1234

AB: The first part represents the state or union territory, which is represented by two letters. For example, in the state of Maharashtra, vehicle number plates start with the code 'MH', in Delhi it starts with 'DL'. The 2 most important letters of the state name are used. This method started in the 1980s.

01: The next 2 digits indicate the district number. Since every state has at least one district, the district itself manages the registration of new vehicles. For this purpose, each district has its own Regional Transport Office (RTO), which is in charge of driver and vehicle registration.

CD: The third part of the license plate is a unique number that helps identify the vehicle. If any number of characters is missing, characters are used to replace the last digit. This ensures additional codes for all vehicles. It is often common to purchase a custom number at a premium price.

1234: The fourth and final piece is an oval logo that reads "IND", an abbreviation for India; There is also a chromium hologram on top of this oval that looks like a "circle". It is used in High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP). These are tamper-resistant plates that were introduced in the year 2005 with the aim of reducing vehicle theft. Although it is mandatory for all motor vehicles, some states are yet to adopt this practice.

Check vehicle owner name from registration number

Motor Vehicle/Vehicle Registration is the registration of a motor vehicle, compulsory or otherwise, with a government authority. The purpose of motor vehicle registration is to establish a relationship between the vehicle and the owner or user of the vehicle. This link may be used for tax or crime detection purposes. While almost all motor vehicles are uniquely identified by a vehicle identification number, only registered vehicles display vehicle registration plates and have a vehicle registration certificate. Motor vehicle registration is different from motor vehicle licensing and roadworthiness certification.


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