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How to find engine number and chassis number online

Find engine number and chassis number online

Vehicle identification number, chassis and engine number are the unique identification numbers of your vehicle. VIN is an alphanumeric code of 17 characters. Decoding this number will help you identify the model year and month of manufacture of the vehicle.

Similarly, the chassis number is the last six digits of the VIN. Individuals often use VIN and chassis numbers interchangeably. Conversely, as the name suggests, the engine number is also an identification number stamped on the engine of the vehicle.

These unique numbers are important to avoid fraud, especially when buying a used car or bike. You can find all these numbers online by following simple steps. Keep reading to know how to find engine number and chassis number online and other important details.

How to find engine number and chassis number online ?

With the digitalization of various services, it is possible to get detailed vehicle information online, including engine number. In India, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) provides a platform called Vahan, which provides a wide range of services related to vehicles.

Vehicle Services: Access the official Vehicle website. 

  • Here you can enter your vehicle registration number to get various details including engine number. Make sure you have your vehicle's registration number with you. 
  • After entering the required details, you may be required to complete an OTP verification using your registered mobile number.
  • Mobile Apps: Various mobile apps are available which provide vehicle information by entering the vehicle registration number. 
  • These apps can provide a variety of details including engine number, chassis number, registration date and more.
  • Insurance company website: If you have an account on your car insurance provider's website, you can log in to view and manage your policy details, which usually include the vehicle's engine number.

Remember to use these services responsibly and only receive information about vehicles you are authorized to inquire about, as misuse of this information may be illegal.

What is the chassis number of the bike?

The chassis number of the bike is a part of the VIN. It is used to identify the bike by the numbers mentioned. The last six characters of the VIN are the chassis number of the bike. VIN and chassis number are often used interchangeably.

How to know the chassis number of a bike?

Since the chassis number is a part of the VIN (bike VIN number), you will know about the chassis number in the bike by finding the VIN. The chassis number can be found on the bike's handle or near the motor. If you are having trouble finding the chassis number of your bike, you can take help from a mechanic. The chassis number of the bike is often mentioned in the owner's manual and registration certificate.

How to find bike chassis number online?

The chassis number of a bike can be checked online from its registration number. If you are wondering how to check the chassis number of a bike online, then it can be checked from the government authorized vehicle website. However, only authorized users like banks, insurance companies etc. can check the chassis number online by registration number.

Questions to ask

Question: What does the chassis number serve as its main function?

Answer: unique identification number that provides details about a vehicle, such as its make, model, and manufacturer, is the chassis number, sometimes also known as a vehicle identification number (VIN). For legal, insurance and registration purposes, this is necessary.

Question: Can I check for chassis number online?

Answer: Yes, you can use the official vehicle website or one of the many mobile applications created specifically for this purpose to access your vehicle details including the chassis number.

Question: Are the chassis number and engine number the same?

Answer: No, chassis and engine numbers are not the same. The chassis number refers to the overall frame and body of the vehicle, while the engine number is specific to the engine.

Question: What should I do if the engine block's chassis number is damaged or unreadable?

Answer: In some situations, the chassis number may be available on the registration certificate (RC), insurance papers, or at the car dealership.

Question: Is it necessary to have a chassis number for auto insurance?

Answer: Definitely. Since your vehicle's chassis number is a unique identifier, it is essential to have it when applying for auto insurance.

Question: Is it possible to change the chassis number?

Answer: No, the vehicle's chassis number is a permanent, unique identifier that cannot be legally modified or changed.

Question: Besides the engine block and documentation, where can I find the chassis number?

Answer: You can usually find the chassis number on the car's dashboard, driver's side door, or under the hood next to the windscreen.

Question: Are two-wheelers also given a chassis number?

Answer: To aid identification, every motorized vehicle, including two-wheelers, has a unique chassis number.

Question: Is it OK to reveal the chassis number of my car?

Answer: The chassis number should only be shared with permitted parties such as insurance companies, service centers or law enforcement agencies, even though it may not be as sensitive as other personal information.

Question: What is the average number of digits in a chassis number?

Answer: typical chassis number, often known as a VIN, consists of 17 characters, both letters and numbers.

How to Check Chassis Number and Engine Number ?

If you also want to check the chassis number of your vehicle, then please pay attention to one step and then click on the given link -

Step 1:- First of all you have to visit RTO vehicle details website, first of all you have to follow the steps.

Step 2:- RTO vehicle details website will open in front of you, you will have to enter the registration number.

Step 3:- Enter your plate number – You have to enter your vehicle enrollment number in the “Enter your plate number” application.

Step 4:- After entering the vehicle number, click on the RC Search button.

Step 5:- You get to see vehicle details like vehicle owner name, vehicle insurance details, PUCC details, chassis number, engine number etc. PDF to view your vehicle details.

Note:- If you are not able to see the details of your vehicle, then you can try to see it again by logging in to website with your Gmail ID.


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