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Bike black list check by registration number | How to remove my vehicle from blacklist

 If you have any vehicle like bike car bus track mini vehicle has been blacklisted for some reason then how to check its status and how to get your vehicle out of blacklist, everything is going to be known in this article, so read the post completely.

Firstly, what are blacklisted vehicles, generally, your vehicle can be blacklisted if there is any issue with the documentation for transfer of ownership of the vehicle. Another reason for being in possession of a blacklisted vehicle is if, while converting from yellow board to white board (i.e., from commercial to private), insufficient tax was paid, or 

If an FIR has been filed against your vehicle. was done. If your vehicle has expired, still you drive the vehicle, then it can also be blacklisted, or if you have violated any of your traffic rules and have not paid your challan, it still gets blacklisted.

Now how can you know whether your vehicle is in the black list or not, for this some steps have been given below, by following which you can check the black list status.

Bike black list check by registration number

Follow the steps given below to check vehicle blacklisted status

To check the blacklist of the vehicle, open the website

The website will open in front of you, now you have to click on the option of Car Info, then you will get to see the option of Blacklisted Check, click on the button with Check Status.

Then the option of entering the registration number of the vehicle is displayed in front of you, now you have to enter the plate number of the vehicle and then click on the Verify button.

As soon as you submit, the blacklisted reason for your vehicle will be told.

In this way you can check whether your vehicle is in black list or not, if your vehicle is in black list and you want to remove it from blacklist then how can you get it done so see below.

How to remove my vehicle from blacklist

If you keep traveling from one city to another city every day by vehicle, then sometimes your vehicle's challan will also be deducted, sometimes our vehicle is put in the blacklist, however the vehicle is not put in the blacklist quickly without any reason. If there is a major crime, or you have broken all the rules of your traffic rules, then your vehicle is added to the blacklist, there are many reasons behind this, like you have converted the vehicle to commercial and you are taxed. If you are not paying the deposit, or you are driving without a permit, or your vehicle has expired, even then you are driving the vehicle, even then it happens, you have violated too many traffic rules, on your vehicle Whether a legal case has been registered, or your vehicle has been stolen, there are many reasons.

Now let us know how to recover a blacklisted vehicle, that is, how to remove it from the blacklist, to delete any car bike truck bus vehicle from the blacklist, you have to pay the challan on that vehicle, challan For how to pay, you can go to the RTO who has blacklisted your vehicle and get it removed through offline process, but the vehicle can be removed from the blacklist only in some cases, if your vehicle is blacklisted due to violation of traffic rules. Has been done, vehicle tax is pending, permit is not there, PUC certificate or insurance is not there, in such a small case, your vehicle can be removed from the black list, if you get the option to pay the challan online on the government's website. You can pay if you are satisfied, otherwise you deposit the payment from the RTO office itself, after that you will be removed from the black list.

How to blacklist vehicle

If you want to put your vehicle in black list then you can put it, see you cannot add any vehicle to black list by yourself, for this you have to take help of police and RTO, you have to add vehicle to blacklist. There can be many reasons behind, such as your vehicle has been stolen, you have sold the vehicle but the person who bought your vehicle is not getting his name transferred, so in such a situation, you are afraid, do you know whom I sold the vehicle. Whose accident is he inadvertently and all the blame will come on him who will be the owner of the vehicle online, if you do not have such a problem, then you can blacklist your vehicle with the help of police and RTO, the police may need it because If the RTO refuses to blacklist someone there without the FIR copy, then after registering the FIR and submitting it to the RTO office, your vehicle can be blacklisted, if you want to know sitting at home whether it is possible or Otherwise, now you can find out by finding out the phone number of the RTO office online, to find out the phone number of the RTO of your city, given below Click on the website, click on the name of your state, then select your city, you will get to see the address and phone number and email of the RTO office.


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