Friday, September 2, 2022

How to Download Driving License List

If you had applied your driving license or you have to check, how many people in your city who have applied for a new driving license, you want to check the list, then you can see from here, 

you have been told the process below. Here is how you have to check, how to check your name in the list and how to see the driving license list by name, the process has been told.

To download a list of driving license holders in India, you will need to visit the official website of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in the region where the licenses were issued. On the website, you should be able to find a section for "Driving License" or "DL Services" where you can search for and download a list of license holders. Some RTOs may also have an option to download the list in a specific format, such as PDF or Excel. It's important to note that some RTOs may have different procedures for obtaining a list of driving license holders, and you may need to provide specific information or documentation to access the list.

Driving License List Download

Some steps are given below to download the DL List.

  • The list will be open in front of you, now you have to check which district is your district, click on the numbers given in blue color next to it.

  • Now the list of driving license owner will come in front of you, in this you will get to see everything such as what is the applicant name, application number, what is the license number, has passed in the exam or spread, you get to see a lot of information.

If you had applied for a new driving license ever and you do not have any proof, then you can check your name by taking out the list, 

you get the driving license number and application number in the list, then you can download your driving license online.

How to search driving license

If your driving license is lost and you do not have any proof, then in order to get a driving license again, first of all you have to know the DL number of your old driving license which is lost, then you have to reprint driving license. To apply, follow the steps given below to search driving license number.

Click on the CLICK HERE button to know your Driving License Number

Then you have to enter your driving license holder name and date of birth

After filling all the details, click on the submit button, then you will get the list of driving license number, out of which find out your driving license and note down your DL number.

In this way you can find your driving license number, and in this way you can search driving license number.


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